first_img Facebook Comments Health Ministry officials are on the lookout for any possible cases of the chikungunya virus in the country. An outbreak occurred on islands in the Caribbean last December, the first report of the disease in the Americas.The virus shares many of the same symptoms as dengue: high fever, headaches, muscle and joint pains, nausea and rashes. However, the mortality rate is  much lower than dengue, a disease that Costa Rica saw in record numbers last year.Chikungunya originated in Tanzania in 1952, according to the World Health Organization’s fact sheet on the disease. The first confirmed case in the Americas occurred in the Caribbean on Dec. 6, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). At the time, the outbreak prompted a health alert for the entire continent. In South America there have been seven confirmed cases, all of them in French Guiana, an overseas territory of France.“Just like dengue, [this virus] is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes aegypti mosquito, but it also can be carried by other mosquitoes,” said Roberto Castro of the Health Ministry’s Health Monitoring Unit.After an infected mosquito transmits the disease to a human, the illness’ onset will occur usually 3-7 days later. The symptoms can be unyielding.“Chikungunya does not often result in death, but the joint pain may last for months or years and may become a cause of chronic pain and disability,” the PAHO report explains.Castro confirmed that health personnel in the country are now on high alert in regards to the disease, and are aware of all the information needed to detect potential cases of infection. Currently there is no specific treatment nor any vaccine to prevent it, other than protect yourself from mosquito bites. Related posts:Costa Rica Health Ministry confirms first case of chikungunya virus Health officials testing first two cases of Ticos who could have the chikungunya virus Costa Rican health officials seek preventive alert for chikungunya virus Double jeopardy: Costa Rica’s Health Ministry reports 2 people were infected with both dengue and chikungunyalast_img

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first_imgNASA has previously said that Planet X does not exist, calling the theory a hoax.“If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth … astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade,” NASA previously said.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. (WSVN) – Author and Christian numerologist David Meade is again predicting the end of times. If his latest claim holds water, we have just days remaining on Earth.The Earth will be destroyed on April 23 by a mysterious planet known as “Nibiru” or “Planet X,” according to Meade, who made a similar claim in 2017.Meade’s theory is believed to be linked to the bible passage 12:1–2, which reads: “And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth.”Express reports that some conspiracy theorists believe “Virgo” is the woman from the passage.“The sun and moon will be in Virgo, as will Jupiter, which represents the Messiah,” Meade told the news outlet.Meade claims Planet X is on a collision course with Earth. He believes it will bring immense gravitational change, sparking huge volcanic eruptions and a catastrophic series of events.“Thus the constellations Virgo, Leo and Serpens-Ophiuchus represent a unique once-in-a-century sign exactly as depicted in the 12th chapter of Revelation. This is our time marker,” Meade said. last_img

first_imgUNB file photoBNP senior leader Mosharraf Hossain on Sunday said prime minister Sheikh Hasina is making various remarks about their party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s visit to the United Nations out of ‘her frustration and anxiety’, reports UNB.”Our party secretary general has gone to the UN, and the US State Department. We think it has surely made the prime minister disappointed or worried. That’s why she’s making comments about it,” he said.The BNP leader came up with the remarks at a press conference at BNP’s Naya Paltan central office.On Saturday, prime minister Sheikh Hasina at a programme accused BNP of resorting to falsehood over Fakhrul’s visit to the US as it claimed the UN secretary general invited him.She also said an assistant secretary general of the UN confirmed that the UN chief did not invite Fakhrul. “Rather, the BNP leaders sought his appointment.”Mosharraf, a BNP standing committee member, welcomed the initiative of Jukta Front and Jatiya Oikya Prokriya, for forging a national unity as their demands are similar to BNP’s ones to hold a credible election.”Different political parties and organisations out of the 20-party are making almost the similar demands. We believe these demands will turn into national ones,” he observed.The BNP leader said the country’s people and the friendly foreign countries want to see an inclusive and fair election in Bangladesh. “The election won’t be participatory one, if the 20-prty and Khaleda Zia don’t join it.”He said their party will go to the polls after freeing Khaleda Zia from jail through a movement.Mosharraf alleged that the government has continued its repressive acts to suppress the opposition leaders and activists to hang onto power by holding another ‘lopsided’ election.As per the information their party collected from across the country, he said, over 2,000 ‘false and bizarre’ cases have been filed against their around 20,000 identified and over 100,000 unidentified leaders and activists over the last 15 days.”Our about 3,000 leaders and activists have already been arrested during the period.”Besides, the BNP leader said, law enforcers are regularly raiding the houses of their party leaders and activists and harassing their family members.Citing various examples, he said though no incident of vandalism, arson attack, crude bomb blast, and attack on police take place, police are bringing such ghostly allegations against BNP leaders and activists, even those who died or went abroad while filing cases against them.The BNP leader alleged that the main motive behind filing of such cases is to keep BNP and its leaders and activists out of the next general election and deprive people of their voting rights.BNP standing committee members Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, Nazrul Islam Khan, Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury and party senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi were, among others, present.last_img

first_imgFile photo of Sheikha Hasina.Terming the armed forces as the country’s symbol of independence and sovereignty, prime minister Sheikh Hasina today on Thursday asked them to contribute more to progress of the nation and maintaining democratic and constitutional stability in future, report BSS and UNB.”Bangladesh Armed Forces are making significant contributions to peacekeeping in various countries under the emblem of UN mission. The armed forces will also have to play an important role in the progress of the nation and in maintaining democratic and constitutional stability so that we can keep up the country’s ongoing trend of development,” she said.Premier Hasina made the observation in her speech at the graduation ceremony of Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) 2018-2019 at Sheikh Hasina Complex of Mirpur Cantonment in the city.She said the armed forces have earned name and fame on foreign land with their honesty and professional efficiency.“The success of the armed forces has heightened the image of Bangladesh.””They will also have to play an important role in progress of the nation and maintaining democratic and constitutional stability so that we could take forward the country’s development spree,” the prime minister said.She went on to say: “Alongside the noble responsibility of protecting our sovereignty, the members of our patriotic armed forces are also making significant contributions to the fields of tackling any crisis and disasters, construction of infrastructures, socio-economic development and maintaining law and order.”Sheikh Hasina said in the backdrop of today’s changing global security scenario, the role of the armed forces has got new dimensions.She extended her compliments to all the graduates of DSCSC 2018-2019 course, and wished success in their professional, social and family life.Commandant of the college Major General Md Enayet Ullah delivered the welcome address at the function.Pointing at the graduating officers she said, “This course will make you more confident in discharging assigned duties and in facing any challenge more efficiently. You all be prepared to undertake a higher leadership role. You all will perform your duties with integrity.”Noting that a total of 11 female officers are graduated this year, the prime minister said it is encouraging to see the remarkable number of female officers graduating every year. “I hope the enrolment of female officers will increase in the future.”A total of 215 officers, including 118 officers from army, 29 from navy and 23 from air force, and 45 overseas officers from 19 countries of the world graduated from this college this year.The 19 countries include the USA, China, India, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.The prime minister distributed the certificates among the graduates.On her arrival, the prime minister was received by the commandant of the college.The college was set up aiming to prepare selected mid-level officers of the three services for the assumption of increasing responsibilities both in command and staff appointments.So far, 3,902 Bangladeshi officers, five police officers and 1,111 overseas officers from 42 friendly countries have graduated from this college.Ministers, advisers to the prime minister, parliament members, acting chief of army staff, chiefs of the navy and air force, principal staff officer of the Armed Forces Division, vice-chancellors of different public and private universities, foreign diplomats and high civil and military officials were present.last_img

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