first_img Email How Young Musicians Are Using Instagram As A Music Platform Twitter How Musicians Use Instagram As A Music Platform how-young-musicians-are-using-instagram-music-platform Indie music distributor AWAL, or as they call themselves, a “unique alternative to the traditional music label,” recently wrote blogged about this new phenomena of the new generation of musicians releasing music on Instagram. They point to 23-year-old Whack who released her entire debut album Whack World on her Instagram earlier this year. She made a video for each song, all of which were just one-minute-long, and uploaded all of them to the social platform the day the album dropped.She also released the album on music streaming services, including Spotify and SoundCloud, and while views and listens of her music on her social don’t provide a direct revenue stream as they would on Spotify and Apple Music, social media (and SoundCloud) allows artists like her to take distribution into their own hands. Her approach makes a lot of sense when you take into consideration the fact that Spotify’s algorithms tend to favor male artists and its popular hip-hop centric playlists primarily feature male rappers.It is vital for younger and emerging artists to find exposure in creative ways to reach new fans. As AWAL points out; “The opportunity cost of a ‘free’ project, sans ad revenue, on Instagram is somewhat marginal, because if a would-be fan enjoys the sample they spent 15 to 60 seconds with enough, they’ll likely generate the bulk of their repeat spins somewhere else.” News A new generation of artists is taking to social media to show the world their art and perhaps changing the confines of the platform as a picture-focused serviceAna YglesiasGRAMMYs Nov 8, 2018 – 6:29 pm The way music fans consume music has radically changed over the past decade or so, and as younger artists enter the music world, they continue to shift the playing field, finding new and innovative ways to spread their sound and reach new fans. Recently we’ve seen a new generation of musicians, like young hip-hop artists Jaden Smith and Tierra Whack, turn to Instagram as a new way to expose more people to their music. Facebook Smith also used his Instagram to release music this year, a remix version of 2017’s Syre. Unlike Whack’s Whack World, his Syre: The Electric Album, is not available on Spotify, but can be streamed on SoundCloud, although only with a premium listener account. Visiting either artists’ Instagram page and seeing the video thumbnails form the album cover is intriguing enough to click to listen—in this day and age, with more content from more sources and quicker scrolling from consumers, it feels important to find new ways to catch the attention of peoples’ eyes and ears.As AWAL quotes MusicAlly; “The existing subscription streaming giants are primarily platforms for distribution, after all, not interaction – and from an artist’s perspective, distribution by third-party corporations is not neatly aligned with the control afforded by social media.”You can catch both Smith and Whack performing at Camp Flog Gnaw in Los Angeles this weekend, which will be livestreamed.How Music Streaming Algorithms Hinder Female ArtistsRead morelast_img

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first_imgBy Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsA former aide to Prime Minister Stephen Harper facing an influence peddling charge linked to a plan to sell water filtration systems to First Nation reserves is facing surgery for a suspected cancer growth in his lung, forcing the postponement of his July 22 trial date.Bruce Carson, who was once acting chief of staff in the Prime Minister’s Office, is scheduled to go in for surgery on July 15 and is expected to remain in hospital for eight days. Doctors found a growth in his lung that is suspected to be cancer.News of Carson’s ailment surfaced Friday during a court hearing in Ottawa to set a new trial date. The new date will be set during a Sept. 9 court hearing.The RCMP began the process of serving subpenas about two weeks ago.Carson is facing an influence peddling charge stemming from a now shuttered Ottawa water company’s plan to sell filtration system to First Nations reserves grappling with clean water woes.Carson’s fiancee, a former Ottawa escort, had a deal with the company, H2O Global, giving her a large percentage of revenues from the sale of filtration systems. Carson, who lobbied on behalf of the company, initialed the contract.Carson was once a confidant of Harper’s and the Conservative government invested $15 million to create a think tank in Calgary, the Canada School of Energy and Environment, that the former PMO aide ended up heading. Carson was heavily involved in designing a strategy to promote the tar sands.Carson left the think tank after Harper’s office asked the RCMP, the lobbying and ethics commissioners to investigate his activities on behalf of the water

14 April 2010The United Nations agency that plays a leading role in trying to stop terrorists getting their hands on nuclear materials is seeking greater funding to carry out its task following this week’s Washington summit on nuclear security. From protecting nuclear sites against theft and sabotage to enabling secure repatriation of used but still dangerous atomic fuels to helping countries guard against radioactive attacks on major events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games or June’s soccer World Cup in South Africa, the Vienna-based UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is front and centre.“The IAEA needs stronger and more predictable funding to do its job better,” Director General Yukiya Amano, who attended the two-day summit convened by United States President Barack Obama, said of the agency, which has 151 Member States.“I am grateful to all those who have matched their words of support with much needed pledges to ensure that the IAEA has the resources it needs to make all of us more secure.” In a communiqué issued following the Washington nuclear security summit, which ended yesterday, the 47 participating States reaffirmed “the essential role of the IAEA in the international nuclear security framework” and pledged to “work to ensure that it continues to have the appropriate structure, resources and expertise needed to carry out its mandated nuclear security activities.”Mr. Amano thanked the attending leaders for their moral and political support. “I am pleased that the IAEA’s efforts to make nuclear facilities and borders more secure to reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism are recognized at the highest levels of government,” he said.Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who also attended the summit, has proposed a series of high-level meetings to flesh out efforts to prevent nuclear terrorism, including a conference to speed up universal adoption of the five-year-old International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, which has so far been ratified by only 65 countries – barely a third of UN Member States.Ahead of the summit, IAEA Office of Nuclear Security Director Anita Nilsson warned of the “real threat” that terrorists could construct a nuclear explosive or radiological dispersal device, a so-called dirty bomb, and use it. Agency experts help countries protect their nuclear facilities and transport against sabotage or theft, offering specialized training and backing the installation of radiological monitoring equipment at border crossings. In the past six years the agency has helped Member States repatriate 45 consignments of radioactive materials from developing countries where they were used in medicine, industry or research. In less than a decade, it has trained 9,000 experts in 120 countries on all aspects of nuclear security, improved facility security in 30 states, and supplied 3,000 detection instruments to more than 50 States. IAEA support in securing major public events against nuclear terrorism involves months and even years of planning. The Beijing Olympics involved one and a half years of work in training people to detect radioactive material that might be brought into the venues and to know what to do if that happened.The upcoming soccer World Cup in South Africa is another example where the IAEA is supplying training and radiation detection equipment as were the 2004 Olympics in Greece, the 2006 World Cup in Germany and the 2007 Pan American Games in Brazil.Should a nuclear security incident occur or a nuclear or radiation emergency arise, the IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre coordinates 24/7 specialized support and assistance for Member States.

Eight nominees have been short-listed to become the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), replacing Ruud Lubbers, who resigned a month ago as chief of the refugee agency amid a media furore over allegations against him of sexual harassment, which he denied.At the beginning of the latest search, Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he wanted someone with a thorough knowledge of refugee issues and of unimpeachable personal and professional integrity. The person would also have to have proven skills in managing a complex organization, be able to mobilize resources and be an unflinching champion of the refugee cause.Today Mr. Annan’s spokesman, Fred Eckhard, issued a list of people chosen to be interviewed by a panel of senior management officials in the next few weeks. The panel will refer the finalists to Mr. Annan and his Deputy, Louise Fréchette, for final interviews. Mr. Annan will then forward the name of his nominee to the UN General Assembly.The eight include Emma Bonino of Italy, Member of the European Parliament, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Committee on Budget, Sub-Committee on Human Rights; Hans Dahlgren of Sweden, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs; Gareth Evans of Australia, President and Chief Executive of the Brussels-based International Crisis Group; and former Prime Minister António Guterres of Portugal.Also listed are Søren Jessen-Petersen of Denmark, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Kosovo and head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission there (UNMIK); Bernard Kouchner of France, Former Minister of Health and Mr. Annan’s former Special Representative for Kosovo; Kamel Morjane of Tunisia, currently the Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees; and Mark Verwilghen of Belgium, Minister of Economy, Energy, Foreign Trade and Scientific Politics.

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