The province’s prison digital court

August 13th, the province’s prison digital court built and put into use. Provincial High Court around the court trial, the use of computer networks, centralized control, multimedia, database and other advanced technologies and products, the completion of the province’s 7 prisons digital court. The completion of the prison digital court by the HD trial host, trial application system, entity information management platform composed of three parts.

West handed an anti four winds account

Reporters from the West District educational practice summary meeting learned that since the campaign started, West District, effectively enhance the management and administration of the party consciousness, implement the responsibility to manage the party rule, to the people of the region has made a clear account of the anti four winds. New weather, new change activities, rectify the party conduct, won the party and the people. Since the style to improve the image to enhance the first batch, the second batch of educational practice activities, the overall evaluation of the region’s activities as "good" accounted for 98% of all Party members and cadres through study, improve the understanding, to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs. In four the wind, effective regulation of the next batch of four wind problems, the region where the compression conference documents, simplify the official reception, issued a number of year-on-year decrease of 8%, with 25% year-on-year decline reduce meeting, cancel, decentralization, with 14 administrative approval, qingtui exceed the standard office space area of 570 square meters. "Three expenditures fell 20%. Since the enact change in solving problems through activities, enact reform legislation, the party organizations at all levels in solving all kinds of problems 847, accounting for 83% out of the problem, a number of masses of employment, social security, the "Old San" hospital building management, landless farmers endowment insurance and other issues have been effectively solve. A number of years of land acquisition and demolition, letters and visits involving conflicts and problems have been basically resolved. Party members and cadres at all levels of the working party members into the community activities in the implementation of the "double 1/3" method, a total of 1023 party members and cadres to take the initiative to claim community service jobs, twinning 514, five linkage in the long-term mechanism, build a lianxinqiao government service of the masses. It is reported that the style of construction work as a normal, educational practice in the second batch of the final stage, West District will continue to improve the vertical linkage, cohesion and cooperation, to jointly promote the endless, the style of the building as the normal work, at the same time, to find out the rectification problem in the linkage, serious research measures on the problems of the masses. The classified guidance, the upper and lower convergence drives into promote the development of the baton, efforts to build a new pattern of positive interaction, the overall advancement of the.   read more

Xining intends to set up a dedicated bus lane

in order to alleviate the increasingly prominent traffic congestion, the city will be in the first half of this year to open a dedicated bus lane in the conditional sections.

bus lanes refers to a particular section of the road, through signs, markings, etc. to draw one or a few lanes dedicated to the bus, while the bus still enjoy the right to drive in other lanes. Open bus lanes, reflecting the bus priority, but also the spirit of the people, but also a means to ease urban traffic congestion. Reporters learned that this year the city will have the conditions of the road in Kunlun Road, the road, Ning Zhang highway bus lane as an attempt, and whether there are bus lanes set conditions to conduct research on the Sea Lake Road, 54 street and other roads. read more

Speed up the construction of the rule of law government to promote public affairs

day before the law, the provincial leading group held a working meeting, considered and approved in principle the implementation of "government by law construction in Qinghai province implementation plan" and "Qinghai Province comprehensive administration". Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial leading group in accordance with the law of the province Luo Huining presided over and delivered an important speech.

Hao Peng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, deputy head of the leading group, Wang Jianjun, attended the read more

Recently the Municipal Bureau of commerce organization personnel to carry out security checks on ke

To strengthen the work of production safety supervision, trade circulation enterprises focus recently, organization of the Municipal Bureau of commerce related offices and City District Work Safety Supervision Bureau staff of Wangfujing Department Store Co. Ltd., West Street Department Store Co., Ltd. department store grand cross trade flow enterprises in the management of production safety inspection

to strengthen the work of production safety supervision, trade circulation enterprises focus on the organization recently, the Municipal Bureau of commerce related offices and City Area Safety Supervision Bureau staff in the management work of production safety inspection of commercial enterprises Co. Ltd., West Street, Wangfujing Department Store Department Store Co., Ltd. department store grand cross. Focus on checking whether the enterprise security agencies sound, security system is perfect, whether the security facilities are intact, the implementation of contingency plans. read more

Eastern new community reform to start a good start

East District of city community service system reform pilot work mobilization meeting held since September 10th since the 12 new community before listing the work has been in preparation and insisted on wildly beating gongs and drums, understanding, lay the foundation for reform, adhere to the personnel in place, ensure the continuity of work, adhere to the implementation of measures, improve the matching mechanism, ensure the reform a good start, a good step for the province.

Take measures to expand the awareness rate of read more

During the Spring Festival six kinds of vegetables direct sales price limit

recently, the Xining municipal government to take measures to increase efforts to maintain stable prices, effectively protect the life of the general public during the festival will now demand during the Spring Festival, six kinds of vegetables direct subsidy price sales outlets, focusing on community list list, the list of stores, cheap supermarket direct car list, to be published.

community sales outlets list

serial number area name and address 1 Chengdong District Economic Development Zone ronghua Scarlett shop Jia Ronghua small shops 39-221 No. 2 Xia Lin Dian Huang Road No. 100, the summer capital of the forest area in the supermarket next to the 3 West District Lake Power shop Haiyan Road Power District 4 city supermarket North Road shop Menyuan Road 17 Menyuan fat No. 5 happy city farmers market happy city area at the entrance of 6 Biological Park shop Biological Park weft two Road No. 12 7 Road 161-3 Ning Mo Jia Zhuang Shop No. 8 Hui Xin basket wave Village shop Ba Lang Village No. 493 9 Hui heart basket of green Tang Dian Lu Zhu Qaidam Village No. 224 10 heart Kinde basket home shop Qaidam Road No. 26 11 red heart basket shop Qaidam Road No. 46 12 Xinyuan heart Zhuang District store Basket salt salt store 13 Hui Xin Zhuang Xiao Qu Guo Guo Jia TA Cun Wei Jia TA basket shop next door 14 Su Dian Su Village No. 99 15 double bridge – 7 Lane 17 charity shop building No. 16 RED Cen Dianning Road No. 10 new century garden 17 source Green Shop West Sea of 9 – 1, 18 or 19 Xigang supermarket shop Huang waterway oil store Qaidam Road No. 122 Qilian District 20 oil Mafang branch Qilian Road No. 864-62, Qilian Road small schools across the 21 Chaoyang Branch of Chaoyang Road No. 52 read more

Chase administrative convenience services to upgrade

Since the second batch of the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the outstanding problems in Datong county seriously investigate and effectively improve their style of work, and actively carry out decentralization special activities in the administrative examination and approval work, further decentralization, streamlining procedures, improve government services unified standard, working efficiency is obviously improved, significantly enhance the ability to perform their duties, the masses satisfaction improved significantly. read more

Huangzhong six systems to promote the role of the party to achieve normalization

In order to give full play to the role of the party’s term of office, smooth the party to reflect the social situation and public opinion, the county to establish six systems for the party to perform their duties, play a role in providing institutional protection

in order to give full play to the role of the term of office of the party representative, smooth the party to reflect the social situation and public opinion, the county to establish six systems for the party to perform their duties, play a role in providing institutional protection. read more

22 foreign construction units were expelled

in order to let the province’s construction industry has a good production environment, the Provincial Construction Department of the province’s 656 provinces into the green construction team assessment. 11 of the unqualified enterprises to give notice of criticism, the contract is not allowed within one year in the province of construction engineering business, the construction of the market in the province of the 22 clear of the province’s 43.

it is understood that, through the construction of the 656 provinces into the green team in the integrated management, market behavior, project quality, safety, good faith behavior (including wages paid by migrant workers) and other aspects of the assessment. The results for the 33 excellent enterprises, qualified enterprises of the 322, the basic qualified enterprises of the 157, unqualified enterprises, for two consecutive years, did not undertake construction engineering business enterprise 44 home, 100. 11 unqualified enterprises to give criticism. read more