Vacancy for Lacey City Council Advisory Boards and Commissions

first_imgSubmitted by The City of LaceyLacey City Council Member, Cynthia Pratt, enters the current Lacey Museum.The Lacey City Council is currently recruiting for vacancies on the Historical Commission and Parks Board.The Lacey Historical Commission provides leadership in historic preservation and developing information concerning the historical significance of the local Lacey area. The Historical Commission meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. Historical Commission members serve three-year terms with a two-term limit. The vacancy must be filled by a professional who has experience in evaluating historic resources. A person with a background as an architect, historian, or planner would qualify for the position. Applicants for this vacancy can be either a resident of the City of Lacey or reside within Lacey’s Urban Growth Area.The Parks Board plans for the future development of parks and playground systems in the City. Meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in Lacey City Hall. Parks Board members serve three-year terms with a two-term limit. Applicants for this vacancy can be either a resident of the City of Lacey or reside within Lacey’s Urban Growth Area.If you are interested in serving on the Lacey Historical Commission or Parks Board, and would like to receive an application, please contact Jenny Bauersfeld at (360) 413-4387, or by email You may also download an application from the City’s website at Please submit a letter of interest and resume along with your application. Facebook0Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Segregation in Red Bank Schools: How It Happened and What Can…

first_imgBy John BurtonRED BANK – Public school segregation. It conjures up stark images of a defiant George Wallace in the early 1960s; frightened young students of color with books under their arms flanked by armed National Guardsmen as they enter uninviting school buildings in the 1950s and ‘60s; and of angry white families shouting as school buses bringing young African American students to schools in white enclaves in 1970s Boston.But school segregation isn’t some relic of the pre-Civil Rights era and the Jim Crow South. And the discussions of the Red Bank Charter School’s expansion proposal have elicited accusations that Red Bank is one of the most segregated public school districts in New Jersey – a state even in the “post-racial” era has a terrible record on this issue.“Here we are in 2016, dealing with the same issues that were dealt with in Brown versus Board of Education,” observed Gilda Rogers, a community activist, educator, writer and borough resident, referencing the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down racially separated schools. “It’s sad; it’s ridiculous.”The Current BattlePublic school officials have continued to argue that the plan to increase the charter school’s enrollment to 400 students – doubling its current size – over a three-year period will exacerbate an already segregated school system and negatively impact the public schools efforts to provide much needed programs. Charter school officials have been stressing, given the school’s standing waiting list, the availability of additional facility space and some state changes for a weighted lottery to improve diversity, make this a good time to expand and address a need.But many have been raising the troubling specter of segregation in the schools and the numbers only reinforce those concerns. The current numbers – which are fluid, but don’t change that substantially – show public primary and middle schools, with a combined enrollment of approximately 1,425 students, made up of 7 percent white, 79 percent Hispanic, with a 44 percent limited English-proficient population and 9 percent African American. Eighty-eight percent of the overall school qualify for free or reduced cost lunch, most qualifying for free lunch; qualification for that program is a traditional measurement of socio-economic standing.By contrast the charter school has a 52 percent white population, 34 percent Hispanic, 12 percent African-American, and an economically disadvantaged population estimated at 40 percent among its current 200-student enrollment.Public school proponents and those voicing opposition to the proposed expansion have been arguing that the charter school plan would exacerbate the existing disparity in school populations, as well as other issues related to the public school budget and its programs and staffing.Kevin King, a charter school parent who was serving as a volunteer spokesman for the school, said last month that the charter school accurately represents the overall community, as required under the state statute signed into law by then Gov. Christie Whitman in 1995.Charter School Principal Meredith Pennotti said recently, “Our school represents the rich place that Red Bank is.”Charter School officials also continue to stress that a recent state change will allow for improving the school’s student diversity. Charter schools can now use what’s called a weighted lottery in student selection. Families that can show they’re lower income, rely on public assistance for housing and food, are given additional weight in the school’s annual random lottery to select students.As for the school’s and community’s makeup, the charter school does relatively closely represent the overall community, according to information available from Rutgers University’s Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, Newark (though the school has a somewhat higher white population than the overall community).Current Observations and BackgroundBut that disparity is of concern to many.The Greater Red Bank branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has come out in opposition to the charter school proposal. On top of that, the West Side Ministerial Alliance, a coalition of African-American clergy, joined the NAACP in opposing the proposal.“It’s a troubling issue any way you look at it, not just in the school system but in the community itself,” said the Rev. Zaniel Young, pastor of the Shrewsbury Avenue A.M.E. Zion Church, and chairs the ministerial.While he is more than willing to celebrate the achievements of both the charter school and public schools, “What I cannot celebrate is hearing that Red Bank is the most segregated school system in New Jersey,” Young said.That charge has been regularly leveled during this debate. But is it true?Paul Tractenberg is a professor emeritus at Rutgers Law School and has been looking at this issue in New Jersey for more than 40 years.New Jersey, his work has indicated, has done a terrible job and has a record that ranks as one of the worst for school integration.As to whether Red Bank can lay dubious claim to being the “most” segregated in the state, “I don’t know what that means,” Tractenberg said, believing “There’s a lot of competition for that title.”Tractenberg had worked with those at U.C.L.A. on a comprehensive study on the issue titled “New Jersey’s Apartheid and Intensely Segregated Urban Schools,” published in October 2013. Based upon the authors’ analysis, Red Bank public schools would qualify “as intensely segregated,” Tractenberg pointed out. According to co-author Gary Orfield, public school districts with less than 5 percent white population amount to literally “apartheid.”This issue dates back for many years in this state, with the “white flight” of families, their large exodus, with any families with the means moving from urban to suburban and exurban areas. At that point many of the state’s city public schools became almost or exclusively minority, as seen in Newark.“Because – not all – white people didn’t want their children to go to school with black kids,” believes Rogers. “It’s still the same.”This situation has been perpetuated by a de facto unofficial policy for many of the most exclusive residential enclaves, with local zoning in these communities ensuring exclusiveness by requiring large lots for single-family homes. The idea behind that, Tractenberg had heard some former state elected officials say, was to make the locations attractive to captains of industry, who would have company offices and facilities located in the areas, attracting jobs and other affluent residents – winding up with mostly, if not exclusively, white school in those communities.The lack of affordable housing in much of the state is one of the root causes, said Adrienne Sanders, first vice president of the NAACP New Jersey State Conference and president of the Asbury Park/Neptune branch of the civil rights organization. “If we’re not going to desegregate neighborhoods in terms of affordable housing,” Sanders maintained, “we’re going to continue to see these results.”Sanders said about half of African-American students attend segregated public schools and roughly 38-40 percent of Hispanic students.The state Department of Education doesn’t compile information directly on this or issue reports directly looking at segregation in the state or comparing the state to others, said department spokesman David Saenz Jr. But Saenz said, “The NJDOE is dedicated to ensuring and delivering a full and effective education to all New Jersey students without regard to race, color or national origin.”“The state is not adequately addressing this problem,” Sanders said.Red Bank Mayor Pasquale Menna moved to Red Bank from his native Italy when he was just a young child, not speaking a word of English, and went through the borough public school system. Growing up, Menna recalled the school population was made up of about 40 percent Caucasian and 40 percent African-American, with the other 20 percent made up of students from other groups. At that time the schools were largely working class and “We had no problem with each other,” Menna recalled.But in more recent years, with the rise of property values, multigenerational African-American families began selling homes and leaving the community. That saw a rise in absentee landlords who began renting to the large influx of Hispanics who relocated.At about that time, the public schools had taken on a persistent reputation as a failing district, scaring off white families who had the ability to relocate or send their children to private schools, Menna said. That reputation is “being driven by old wives’ tales,” the mayor stressed, believing the current schools are as good as many of the others in the area.The issue for Red Bank segregation had come up before, when the Board of Education raised these arguments believing the charter school’s plan to include additional grade levels and increase its enrollment for all grades would compound the situation. The commissioner of education at that time approved the expansion and when the board of education took the issue to court, a state Superior Court of Appeals dismissed the board of education’s argument, upholding the state’s charter renewal and expansion approval.“That’s the final word on it,” for this issue, responded Roger Foss, vice president of the charter school board of trustees.Red Bank Superintendent of Schools Jared Rumage, who’s been with the district for approximately 18 months said he doesn’t have the expertise to discuss the issue with any authority.Separate but not equalThe problem with having this divide is that the education is separate but certainly not equal in different communities in the eyes of many.“It is the pedagogical piece,” observed Julia Sass Rubin, an associate professor at Rutgers’ Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, who has been studying the state’s school funding formula, especially as it relates to charter schools.With this divide comes a socio-economic component, which can translate into higher numbers of special needs students, who require more services – services that cost more money, money these districts don’t have and wind up underserving their populations, Rubin noted.“Our kids continue to struggle,” in these environments, NAACP’s Sanders said.On another level, “In an ideal world we’re preparing students to function effectively in an even more diverse world,” Tractenberg said. But if students don’t have the experience of coming into contact with people who don’t look like them, “I’m not sure they can come to terms with the steep learning curve that comes with confronting diversity in higher education or in the workplace,” he added.“If you don’t attend school with other people who make up the world,” Rogers offered, “that’s a terrible disservice. That’s the danger.”Tractenberg believes a remedy could be the creation of countywide public school districts with students attending schools out of their immediate community, what was called busing about 40 years ago.Solutions“Education needs to be revolutionized,” and not just in New Jersey, Rogers said, needing a complete restructuring to level the playing field for all. However, Roger conceded, that’s not likely to happen immediately, leaving kids currently in the classrooms disadvantaged. “It’s discouraging,” she said.The Rev. Terrence K. Porter, pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Church, Shrewsbury Avenue, said he was calling on educators and elected officials to convene to address the situation that goes beyond the schools. “The thing we need to do as community leaders, I believe whole-heartedly, we need to have a conversation about race with the two groups so there can be a resolution of mutual respect,” he said, referring to both charter and public school officials.Porter is a member of the West Side Ministerial, but remained neutral in the ministerial’s decision to oppose the charter school plans.“That conversation has to start at the top,” the Young said, agreeing with Porter, and holding all parties accountable for addressing the situation.“It’s starts with being honest,” Rogers said, acknowledging that honesty isn’t always easy–or pretty.last_img read more

Rubberhead, Dreadhead return!

first_imgThe Rossland Rubberhead Bike Festival is back Oct. 9, 2011, with new venues, exciting racing and high-flying slope-style action!This year, the Dreadhead Super-D has been moved to a new location on the super flowy (and slightly technical) Larch Ridge and Metacola (MC) trails in the Neptune Forestry road area just outside of Rossland, BC, on Highway 3B.These trails, buffed lovingly by the Kootenay Columbia Trail Society, offer a combined 4.5 kilometres of single track and involve 120 metres of climbing and 335 metres of descent. This makes for a race with some pedaling to favour the physically fit but enough downhill to require technical skill, speed and a good dose of “give’r.” “This year’s Dreadhead venue is excellent for intermediate to advanced riders looking to test their fitness and technical riding ability,” says race director Ryan Kuhn. “I think everyone will be finishing the course with a big smile on their faces.”  Categories for the Dreadhead include men and women in age groupings of 15-18 Juniors, 19-39 Seniors and 40+ Masters. As for training, the trails can be ridden anytime but, being the Thanksgiving long weekend, racers will also have all day Saturday to pre-run the course.  The Huck-en Berry bike jam returns at the recently revamped Centennial dirt jumps. The Huck-en Berry is a mountain bike slope styles event for all ages. Made to challenge avid mountain bikers to create aerial style, finesse, creativity and best of all, fun. Riders will make there way down a course filled will intermediate and advanced features (jumps,and  bridges,) to be crowned King or Queen Berry Hucker. The format will be jam style with riders judging each other’s runs. Participants will get at the most four runs depending on time. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes in all categories. Sweet tunes is will be pumping getting riders and spectators pumped for fun!  Awards for both events will be presented at the conclusion of the Huck-en Berries event and savory food, refreshments and music will fuel the after party. The Dreadhead Super-D will begin at 9 a.m. and conclude approximately 1 p.m. A mandatory riders meeting will be held at 8:15 a.m. at the Biathlon parking lot on highway 3B near the race start. Registration is at Revolution Cycles and Service in downtown Rossland (ph. 250.362-5688). Also, a registration table will be set up outside Revolution on the Saturday before to pick up race packages from noon to 5 p.m., and last minute registration will start at 7:30 a.m. at the Blackjack Biathlon parking lot.Slope-style registration will be from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Oct. 9 at the Centennial Dirt Jumps. Slope-style Training will be available from: 12 a.m. to 4p.m., with the Jam running from4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., with awards to follow. For more detail, check out the Rubberhead website. Check out some great photos here.last_img read more

Nimba to Shoulder ‘Damage Cost’

first_imgThe Liberian Government has announced that Nimba County will bear the brunt of the actions of some of its citizens, who recently allegedly looted and destroyed properties of ArcelorMittal, as well as some public infrastructures in the county.Some residents of the county, mainly youths, early last week, put the safety and security of the main mining facility of ArcelorMittal, located in Tokadeh, Nimba County under attack, and held the company’s staff, contractors and employees hostage for hours without food or water.Offices were vandalized and mining equipment, vehicles, construction materials, office supplies and buildings were destroyed or looted. Law enforcement officers, who were attempting to restore calm to the mining area and surrounding communities were shot at and injured, the government said.In a strongl.y-worded address on the violent protest that saw the loss of millions of dollars worth of property belonging to both the government and the company, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said government will undertake the repair of the damaged roads and bridges; but the costs will be deducted from funds directly allocated for the development of the county. This means that the funds will be taken from the Nimba County Social Development Funds. This is fund set aside for developments initiatives in the county and it comes from ArcelorMittal as part of its constribution to the county.The Liberian leader also indicated that the costs to repair the damage and replace the properties destroyed at ArcelorMittal, when determined, will be discussed between the company and the government. She further noted that the direct and associated damage done to ArcelorMittal facilities in Nimba County is more than an attack on a private company; rather they are attacks on the economy and the future of this country.President Sirleaf addressed the nation at a press conference on Thursday July 10, 2014 held in the foyer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Present at the conference also were, Senate Pro-Temp Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, House Speaker Alex Tyler, Internal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly and Information Minister Lewis Garsaydee Browne.President Sirleaf said: “Our collective response must be decisive, immediate and forceful.” She promised that all accused of participating in these destructions will have their full day in court as quickly as possible; and those found guilty will face the “fullest penalties” imposed by the law.The Liberian President, on behalf of the Government and people of Liberia, extended profound regrets to the ArcelorMittal family and all those who were made to endure the precarious infringement of the country’s peace and security. She revealed that the attacks at Tokadeh, in Nimba County are callous reminders of the consequences of the abuse of freedoms. “As we have seen in Tokadeh, and as it appears to be springing up elsewhere in the country including concession areas, the exercise of freedom without the associated responsibility leads to anarchy,” President Sirleaf pointed out, adding that anarchy anywhere in the country undermines the collective progress made, which the Government cannot permit to happen.The Liberian President has also announced that a Board of Inquiry will be appointed shortly to undertake a detailed investigation into the root and other causes associated with the fracas, as well as recommend further actions to ensure that such attacks are never repeated anywhere in Liberia. She said the Board will be chaired by a prominent counselor and will include eminent lawyers and citizens. “The Liberian Government is absolutely resolved that wherever and by whomever, the unlawful incitement of the public to violence will be dutifully punished according to law,” she said. She thanked ArcelorMittal for resuming mining production and congratulated the Liberia National Police for the swift and professional manner in which security and calmness was restored.She also commended the local chiefs and community leaders, including the Nimba Legislative Caucus, whom she said, cooperated with the LNP in encouraging those who fled into the bushes to return home; those who perpetrated these attacks to turn themselves in and surrender to the police; and assisting in the retrieval of looted items.Meanwhile, President Sirleaf has, with immediate effect, placed a moratorium on the issuance and use of alluvial mining licenses and permits in Nimba County until the full effects and associated costs of ArcelorMittal’s operations are finally determined and known.Information Minister, Lewis Garsaydee Browne in an interview with press men after the President’s address, said the government’s decision to make Nimba take responsibility for its actions is not a way of punishing the county, especially when the acts were perpetrated by just a handful of people, but it is because the government is not prepared financially to undertake the costs.Minister Browne indicated that the presence of the Speaker and Senate Pro-Tempore at the Office of the President signals the importance that the government attaches to the Yekepa incident. He said all will be done to ensure that the perpetrators of the violence are brought to book.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

GWI still working to activate Port Kaituma well

first_img1 month later…after mercury was found in waterwayAfter almost four weeks, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) announced its plans to reactivate a well in Port Kaituma, Region One (Barima-Waini) to provide a stable supply of water to residents, as it was related that those works have not yet been completed.This information was relayed by GWI’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Leanna Bradshaw who indicated that the works are still in progress for the reactivation.These works were necessary after the presence of mercury was detected in the main source of water for residents – the Kaituma River. Samples were taken from different sections and sent to the Kaizen Environmental Services Laboratory in Trinidad and Tobago.As such, the first option was to drill a well in the area after it was realised that the main well at Turn Basin was not functioning. However, an inspection by engineers discovered a well at Citrus Grove, Port Kaituma, which had been out of operationGWI engineers examining the Port Kaituma wellfor a number of years.It was decided that the engineers would rehabilitate this well to supplement an existing one. This would entail a camera inspection, test pumping the well and determining an appropriately sized pump before it is connected to the distribution network.Furthermore, plans were also ongoing for the installation of additional storage tanks at the well site and the rehabilitation of another tank in the region. With this in place, the storage capacity is expected to increase to serve the entire community. The tanks will be connected to a distribution network that will be run to each household.Presently, residents have been accessing water directly from the well in the interim but due to climate change and other environmental challenges, the company has moved to drilling more wells in these areas, so as to ensure equal access to potable water year-round.last_img read more

Women’s Soccer League Icebreaker tournament results

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Women’s Soccer League hosted its season-opening Icebreaker tournament last weekend.In the competitive pool in which six teams were in contention, D&D defeated Prospect by the score of 3-2. In the recreational pool of eight teams, the Royal Rebels edged the GP Tornadoes 3-2.Tournament Director Kristen Danczak said,“It was a great weekend of soccer as everyone enjoyed themselves. I can’t complain about how things went for the first tournament of the year.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

Man United transfer target: £47m star ‘one of the finest players in his position’

first_img Mats Hummels is linked with a move to Manchester United Manchester United’s defensive problems are there for all to see, so it is almost imperative that boss Louis van Gaal addresses them when the transfer window reopens in January. But with the Red Devils linked with a wide variety of defenders who should they place their efforts in recruiting? Football statistic analysts WhoScored believe they have the answer. Head over to for plenty more Man United stats.Being a Borussia Dortmund fan at present is tough. While the Bundesliga side has excelled in the Champions League, Dortmund sit just one point above the relegation zone in Germany’s top tier. A narrow 1-0 win over Borussia Monchengladbach prior to the international break may have lifted Die Schwarzgelben off the foot of the table, but their domestic displays thus far are cause for concern.The poor form comes as a surprise given the quality available to manager Jurgen Klopp. The charismatic German has had to contend with injuries, but can still call on Marco Reus, Ciro Immobile, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Shinji Kagawa in attack, while defensively, Klopp is able to deploy any two of Mats Hummels, Neven Subotic and Sokratis at centre-back.Each defender at his disposal would walk into the majority of top European teams, in particular Hummels, who has once more been linked with a move to Premier League side Manchester United. While his rating (6.98) in the Bundesliga this season is far from exceptional, Hummels is widely regarded as one of the finest players in his position given his consistency in recent years.Dortmund’s captain may have endured a sub-standard start to the campaign with injury partly playing a role in that, but fans will be quick to remember his imperious performances for Germany at the World Cup. Of all centre-backs, only Stefan de Vrij (7.90) earned a better rating than Hummels (7.85) in Brazil and this came off the back of an impressive league campaign, in which only Robert Lewandowski and Reus earned better ratings than the defender (7.69).United’s continued pursuit of the 25-year-old, therefore, is not without merit. Despite an indifferent beginning to the season, Hummels is still averaging a commendable four tackles and interceptions per-game in the Bundesliga. Compared to all United players in the Premier League, only five players are averaging more.It’s fair to say defence has been United’s problematic position this term and bolstering the backline must be Louis van Gaal’s primary focus in the New Year. Dortmund handing Hummels the captain’s armband over the summer was supposed to ward off reported interest in him, but with the Premier League giants tipped to dip into the transfer market in January, links with a move are to be expected.United were strongly linked with the defender over the summer, but were only able to solidify at the heart of their defence with the acquisition of Marcos Rojo, who was reportedly not Van Gaal’s preferred target.Given his mountainous presence, Hummels is winning more aerial duels per-game (4.7) than any United player and this aerial dominance not only helps repel opposition attacks’ when teams launch the ball upfield, but is an asset when his side are pushing forward. This has seen the Dortmund skipper develop a statistically calculated style of play of ‘indirect set-piece threat’. His header in Germany’s 1-0 win over France this summer, where Hummels beat Raphaël Varane to Toni Kroos’ in-swinging free kick, is a case in point.While the touted £47m price tag would be a hefty amount to spend on Hummels, strengthening the defence is surely Van Gaal’s priority in January. United, in that case, would be wise to go all guns blazing in their reported pursuit of this world class centre-back.For more stats on reported Manchester United target Mats Hummels, click here to view his player page 1last_img read more

Arsenal fans laugh at Tottenham

first_imgArsenal beat Hull 3-1 to edge closer to playing in the Champions League for the eighteenth consecutive season.Manager Arsene Wenger once said a Champions League place is a trophy but in the previous 17 European campaigns, the Gunners have only come close to winning it once, in 2006 when they were beaten by Barcelona. But victory at Hull also meant something else: Fans could celebrate St Totteringham’s Day, the moment of Arsenal’s season when they are guaranteed to finish above north London rivals Tottenham.TOTTENHAM FANS ON ‘EMBARRASSING’ GOONERSGiven that Tottenham have been rivalling the Gunners for a place in the Premier League top four in recent seasons and Gooners have been starved of success, celebrating finishing above the enemy makes sense and here, talkSPORT has rounded up some memes from happy supporters. Arsenal fans laugh at Tottenham supporters 1last_img read more


first_imgDo you know an outstanding young person in Donegal?Junior Chamber International (JCI) Donegal are looking for nominations for outstanding young people between 18-40. These nominations are being sought to identify young people in the community, who have done something outstanding. These top young people will be invited to an awards ceremony held in Donegal. Here the overall winner will be selected as Donegal’s ‘Outstanding Young Person of the Year’These awards are to identity young dynamic people in the Donegal community. After the local awards the Donegal winner may go on to be recognised nationally and possibly internationally for their achievements.Every year, Junior Chamber International selects 10 outstanding young people under 40 to be recognised for living the JCI Mission in extraordinary ways.JCI feel, that highlighting the accomplishments of these young active citizens in a variety of fields will inspire others to be better and realise their full potential as active citizens. There are several categories under which young people can be nominated. Each nominee must be entered in one, and only one, of the ten categories below.Business, economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishmentPolitical, legal, and/or governmental affairsAcademic leadership and/or accomplishmentCultural achievementMoral and/or environmental leadership Contribution to children, world peace, and/or human rightsHumanitarian and/or voluntary leadershipScientific and/or technological developmentPersonal improvement and/or accomplishment Medical innovationEmma Boylan JCI President commented “This is a fantastic opportunity for Donegal to show the wealth of young people that we have in the County, not only locally, but hopefully to a national and international audience. From the set-up of JCI in Donegal, we have seen so many positive and inspiring young people. I have no doubt that we will have large variety of nominations for Donegal’s ‘Outstanding Young Person’ Awards”The competition is free to enter. JCI Donegal would ask the community to take time to think about someone they feel has achieved something outstanding.Nominations for ‘The Outstanding Young Person Award’ can be sent via email to Give the name of the young person and a short description of why you feel they deserve the award. All nominees should be over 18.Check out JCI Donegal on Facebook and Twitter for more information or call JCI Donegal President Emma Boylan on +353863303986.DONEGAL JUNIOR CHAMBER LOOKING FOR THEIR OUTSTANDING YOUNG PERSON was last modified: March 12th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Donegal Junior Chamberlast_img read more


first_imgCommiserations to Donegal u21 team who were defeated on wed by Cavan.Seniors; Both teams had a good wins at home on Sunday ,seniors 2-8 Killybegs 0-7,Res game 14points to Killybegs 10 points.Ladies; The ladies had a great victory over Cloghaneely on Sunday morning 3-8 to 0-3 Underage,Results, Minors Cill Chartha 2-10 Na Rossa 1-8, U14 Cill Chartha 12-8 Bundoran 8-6, Fixtures this week; u14 Mon15th Cill Chartha v St Nauls @7pm Away,also wed 17th home to Dungloe.Training for under 6’s,8’s,10’s and under 12’s is on every thurs @6pm.Lotto, There was no winner of the lotto ,Marie Cunningham won the the lotto plus,Numbers were 1,12,15,18. Jackpot next week €2,100Bingo Winners ,Paddy Mc Shane, Paddy Cassidy,Mary Breslin, Carmel Gallagher, Michael Mc Ginley all €70. Jackpot next week 2,650 on 49 numbersGAA NEWS: KILCAR CLUB NOTES was last modified: April 14th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Kilcar GAA noteslast_img read more