Did your website make a profit todayThe only CPS advertisers DHC formally launched


. The advertiser Name: DHC www.dhc.net.cn

month sales of valid orders quantity 100 – 499 pens, commission, the actual sales of orders 5.5%;

. Advertisers:

In order to make the

custom links:

, that is, to improve the conversion rate of websites. This is the weakest part of many websites. Potential users come to your website and just give you a chance. Your website must be able to act as one of the best salespeople and persuade users to buy in a variety of ways. In a sense, a website that sells something has won a psychological battle. Take the flyover Department of Dermatology website www.tqpfk, may be through the search to do skin sunburn dermatitis of the page, so, not only given professional treatment or prevention of dermatitis dermatitis, but also in the article, revealing the hospital treatment of dermatitis features only in order to allow the user to generate consumer impulse. read more

Three elements of website planning successBlogging money making and wealth creation

now the Internet is on the Internet circle repeat the stock tricks, a large open space, began to take the venture firms to hire technical staff to earn money. Ma Yun himself claimed that he did not understand the technology, and did not understand the Internet, but he would fudge a gang of people to do with him, so they made the world’s largest B2B online trading platform. Many people read books for many years, learned a lot of skills, made a lot of effort, shed a lot of sweat, and finally found that they have been under the control of others, manipulated by others. So you want to be a real millionaire today, see my blog should know what to do, don’t go to work without Ming, think more time to work to earn money, think more people know more money, are some of the wrong idea. read more

The use of reverse psychology promotion Wangzhuan wondersUber founder success from failure

let me give another example to illustrate the effect of the psychology of surprise. If I now hold a SEO training, there is a net friend to see, explained his situation: he did not work, need to make money online, so to participate in my training. Then I turned him down and said, "I won’t accept you.". Because SEO makes money requires a process, the first three months is the accumulation stage, three months before you can start profitable. So I suggest you go to work first. Come back to my training after a steady source of income. At this time, the friends will think I am the person responsible, with those online about people more than it as if it were raining flowers. So he was more determined to attend my training. Then he followed my advice, got a job, and then signed up for my training. read more

Five people must know the unspoken rule of WangzhuanWhat’s worth buying the parent company applied f

worth buying technology, said in the prospectus, the company’s current profit model is mainly to carry out information promotion services, sea Amoy purchasing platform services and Internet effect marketing platform services three major categories of business. Generally speaking, promotion and access to information services revenue through actual implementation includes transaction to goods or services for the business, the brand’s commission income, and by providing advertising for display advertising revenue; sea Amoy purchasing service platform by helping clients in overseas business, brands official website to buy goods, in accordance with the actual goods the amount of the transaction charge a certain percentage of the service fee; Internet marketing platform to provide CPS services through the effect of advertising business, charge fees for technical services for all types of media. read more

Many create space industry reshuffle intensified excellent talk about China WeWork break through th

data returns: real time return.      

public record space originator WeWork to get strategic investment from Chinese, Hony investment and by Lenovo holdings to $430 million investment led, the latest valuation of up to $16 billion, China formally enter the market in Shanghai. With the extension of the WeWork territory to the Chinese market, many space industry reshuffle will be intensified. As www.uban, founder and CEO, Lu Yang said in an interview, "WeWork access to China needs to fully understand China’s national conditions.". The biggest difference is that the United States, Britain and other developed countries, the city’s service industry is far more mature than China, there are more rich free home buyers and small companies, while most of the country’s freelancers, small companies are not money. How to find the unique positioning of WeWork China and adjust the space and pricing scheme is the key to the whole customer base." In any case, a public record of space battle is inevitable. read more

20 Silicon Valley bigwigs tell young entrepreneurs know it when ‘m 20 A price of 100 thousand yua

in general, the answers given by Silicon Valley bigwigs are focused on 3 things: the importance of networking, the importance of perseverance, and some advice to people who want to start their business.

Benjamin Lin’s questions have been answered more than 200 times, he selected the most representative of the 20 replies as follows:

online shopping site planning book

a project.

two. Target market overview

three. Introduction of project characteristics and advantages

    four. Feasibility of project operation

    five. Website construction purpose and business model

    six. Website development planning and construction progress

    seven. Market and sales

The read more

Video on demand or effective business model for video sites

video sharing sites are time to think about what is really effective business model – cash flow is always the hardest truth, and not just focus on popularity and traffic.

three years ago, when Google bought Youtube for $1 billion 650 million, domestic video sharing sites cheered. However, the following days were not perfect, although Google conducted a series of "YouTube" transformation, but the sharing model has always been difficult to find commercial expectations. Recently, the U.S. "business week" and pointed out that the Google should change the video site into a video search engine, not only can search their own video site, also should be able to search for external video. read more

Starting in 2010 sharing experience teach you how to do all stations

I used

as early as 2003 did the station, but then is what kind of play, the technology and the optimization and site experience can, to be a child, didn’t do it, I will slowly give up, continue to do their own business entity Lining monopoly is not advertising ah ha ha, 09 years the economic crisis is not good to do business, the right to free this computer on the construction site, has not officially opened, has been in such a station, learn about it, you get a corn I choose is the type of event website, choose this type is what I found now? The entertainment industry and the network hype too much, too many people, what "Shoushou door" "diary" "Xi Li Ge" "door" and the like, so just do a whim. A site for such event types. Talk less and get to the point. read more

Pay attention to five small details to make your website more user favorite

everyone knows, when your website access to a real user is hard won. So, when you get a user’s initial visit, you have to be fully prepared. Otherwise, the user will certainly be away from you and no longer accessible. So what should we do to make full preparation,


begins by understanding how popular users navigate a web site and help design

that enhances the user experience

1), the upper left corner of the site is the most attractive user eye

we all know, now most modern people love to see things from left to right habit. As you read, but also from left to right, if you call from right to left to see you will have a particularly uncomfortable feeling. This is due to the habit of habit formation. Therefore, we should make full use of the habits of many people to make a website. read more

Do you do the most important preparations before doing the website

In fact,

access to the Internet, a sophomore in early 1997, and the class a like-minded students set up a "web design enthusiasts Association" are already familiar with and then basically use the HTML code to write the website, we also have ChinaRen home. At that time in order to make a personal homepage, can stay in the cafe all through the night, remember that Alibaba and Baidu have never heard of. But soon graduated from University, we also have our own work, that there was a job is a very happy thing, also put their own website to give away. I think if I kept on doing that, my website might be a little bit famous now:) read more

SEO Taobao guest keeping pace with the times survival of the fittest

About Taobao

guest website, is a source of third party in the form of data transformation platform, most of them transformed from search engines, it is according to user search habits or from the search engine to know the third party data, the turnover reached a win-win way. Since the Taobao SEO off it, give the webmaster and professional network company to bring more business opportunities and development platform, can be said that when the Taobao SEO guest website is a very good business platform, but the dream is not long, the search engine also began a large number of shielding related Taobao off site, which because of Taobao off site basic mostly directly into the form of third parties, not the actual value of the search, so the search engine is to a user experience and the value of the platform, and an advertising is not a pure model, so Baidu also began to take action, most of the Taobao off site therefore blocked and shielding. read more

Stationmaster don’t be a lonely man

some people do stand, said network network network alone, ruthless, are false, individual stationmaster is very bitter, different people have different experiences, like me, in the network, only lively, contact brotherhood, Nvwang seaworn in deep leagues. Through a cable, the lives of the owners the remotest corners of the globe, people can come together, chat. In the network world is colorful, master a continuous layer, full of wit, witty, the people will have to appear in your previous, and some of them to get your attention, if your heart is not stable, may make people take away. And you unknowingly fall in love with the site, especially the success of their own personal practice, the situation is even deeper. It really happened a vivid and touching love affair to the website, just like one’s first love, touching and pressing. read more

Talk about the new trend of website construction design flat design in 2013

has caused a lot of controversy since NOKIA launched its new mobile UI. Many users do not understand even the dirty NOKIA mobile phone UI designer is not the inspiration. But now, it has been widely recognized. This design mentality has multiple meanings. It abandons the gorgeous, flashy and colorful features of the past design style. Will be concise, accurate in the graphic design of the aesthetic performance of the most incisive, many designers said that flat design reflects a more intuitive form of expression. And previous design forms can be said to form a sharp contrast. More in line with modern fast-paced life. Busy people do not have much time to explore the past forms of aesthetics. People need more explicit forms of expression to express their dissatisfaction with fast-paced life". Therefore, some people say that flat design ideas more in line with this era. read more

Secrets that nobody knows about pin code ninety percent

today, with a whim, I want to write something and tell you all about my previous GG collection. I guarantee that ninety percent of Chinese people don’t know

about these things

when I was first made two small website, the domestic advertising finish have not received the money, heard during the GG well, hang up the GG ads, then that is one or two dollars a day, so it is about two or three months, and finally to one hundred dollars, the middle has not received PIN that day, ready to take the money, to pay attention to cash process I was depressed, so much trouble, I let him show my phone, and then heard the PIN know receiving so much trouble, so at home for more than a week, there is no message, then the Internet every day to see the $more than 100 at this time, have found their union name wrong, please, your ID scan to the web, let them handle, two days out, everything is ready only PIN, and finally in twentieth Eight days until the PIN hand, to lose pin at once but I could not find the input box, I was depressed, so, go to the major forum for help, but no one knows, this is I wrote a letter to GG, three days later, they said more than 10 days ago, when I scan the ID card the confirm my identity, ah, I was surprised that it is! Sorry, I excited to go to the post office to collect the money, people, and monitoring, and remittance address, I was once again depressed, after the return of a check, online is not there! Welcome to continue talking about admin@lycf5.cn who don’t understand this station www.lycf5.cn. read more

Stationmaster should how to write the original article that belongs to oneself

do webmaster all know the importance of the original article, in fact it is true. Original content is not only easier to obtain higher weights in search engines, but also the original content of our website’s competitiveness. But in fact, the original content at some time for the webmaster, there are still some difficulties, and sometimes do not know what to write, sometimes the original written out, but readability is not very good. There is more to write, and it takes a long time to write the next one. I think, for the webmaster, writing original is a basic ability, whether in content updates, or in the soft writing. We should practice more and strengthen our ability in this field. This article summarizes my experience, I hope to bring some inspiration to the webmaster. read more

s the student station alive or dead

this evening school suddenly blackout. They found themselves tired, heart tired. The second came into contact with the construction site. For more than a year, how many sleepless nights, tens of thousands of cigarette butts, there are countless love… No power. Just let myself think, think about yourself the way of life and the future. With no reality whatever in peacetime, I’m sure in his own stand on the busy.

real life is very beautiful, always full of sunshine. But our webmaster why this virtual network world, especially those not mature, technology funds are not, inexperienced students to their own website, webmaster, even give up the best learning machine, a homely food. All classes in global forum. QQ technology group exchanges, most exchange of some superficial things, in fact, as a student webmaster should be worth considering is not The loss outweighs the gain. read more

How to use the resources around to determine the height of web development


website has been three years, do not know what the year from the small owners into now has 5 Web site, it can be said on the Internet in the past three years although not earn what money but it has accumulated a lot of resources, and today I want to talk about some other long friends on the side of the question of resources, because many owners affected the development of the site because of the resources around.

subtle thinking has been the mainstream in China, if your friends are successful, and you are on your way to success, in the face of this situation there are two options: one is not stand the pressure and collapse; two is the test by himself become a success. When we do the website, we will be faced with these circumstances, under the influence of the surrounding resources, either die or succeed. read more

China’s domain name investment status from the acquisition of 3G domain names

first, let’s look at two examples:

1, 3G.CN, a CN domain name transactions, sell 300W high price;

2, 3GBLOG.com, a blog site is negotiating high prices;

a domain name registration fee only a few dozen dollars a year, or even more than a dozen dollars, and a good domain name is often sold tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan high price. Reporters learned yesterday, the symbol of the 3G era – "3G.CN" domain name has been one of the largest free WAP website, 3G portal won in one fell swoop, a domestic blog company intends to acquire 3GBLOG.com, paving the way for business expansion,. According to industry sources, these domain name transactions are more than 300W. read more

Liu Qiangdong distributors are not needed in the future Reseller model franchise model will be O2O

I horse note: not only in the Jingdong to force electricity suppliers with strong logistics system, will also invade to integrate local life services and retail sectors — basically all relate to the local life of the Internet Co is also eyeing a piece of fat meat, disintermediation, distribution pattern will be collapse.

this is also Liu Qiangdong’s warning to traditional companies: "no distributors are needed in the future.". The reseller model and franchise model will be eliminated. read more

Comparative analysis of new domain names and old expired domain names in website construction

everyone knows, do a good site, first of all, domain name selection is an important thing, some people buy expired domain name, and some registered new domain name. Then, these two domain names on the website operation and the optimization of the website promotion what influence,


I have several sites, by contrast, buy domain names are similar to other novels, only the domain name of the website is to buy the old domain name expired, but after half a month of the comparative analysis, summed up some problems and experience, that is unless it is a special old domain name, otherwise, or buy the best buy domain name the new domain name. read more