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"story" is the lowest cost, the highest value of the dissemination of product marketing, applied to the enterprise, allowing you to quickly have the ability to create and manage the product at low cost. Apply to individuals, you can quickly have personal charm, improve social status.

also talked about a lot before beginning, but some are generalized, today small beginning thoroughly to tell you a story of marketing, I have a story and soft wine, would you like to get on the


, if I hadn’t met her, she might not have been so miserable. As she spent the last salary when he saw her eyes with disdain scorn expression, finally understand, no matter he is not feeling her heart’s heart. read more

Ali dry cargo How to quickly get a good looking PPT

editor’s note: 30%, on paper material collection 30%, making 20% software, this is the Alibaba’s senior designer @Heidixie in internal sharing is to help you get rid of dry cargo, tools, watch PPT "nature communication".

new year in addition to the work plan, but also to do some personal learning and promotion plan in 2016, which is the focus of the project is the key words of the project, but also to enhance the individual keywords.

The so-called

plot thick and thin hair, in my understanding, it is to do a lot of accumulation before (the so-called thick), and is more after vertical downward deep penetration, on this basis, to thin some may give others something to inspire. read more

Do stand a year to sum up the blog promotion strategy sharing

now, blog promotion by the more and more attention to the webmaster, long-term development of a blog can have a high weight, but also for our website to bring high weight and high quality of the chain. I think most of the owners love blog because it could be stable for our station to do outside the chain, my English blog also used this way to promote, but also summarizes some of his own blog promotion methods, and now used the webmaster common study discussion, I mainly used the third party blog. For example, Sina, NetEase, such as the end of the world. Relatively speaking, the search engine to Sina blog weight is higher, so my main blog is Sina blog. The following is a summary of my blog promotion methods. read more

Micro business quick drainage suction powder fool type operation method

one can’t make bricks without straw, if no rice will not smell the flavor of food. The idea is again good momentum again, the lack of necessary conditions, your ideas and thoughts are absolutely difficult to achieve. We do not necessary conditions for micro business is how to hoard a group of fans, and this is the key for the most demanding.

is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong for Zhang meter powder, here I mentioned by our team and is still in operation using some methods, and automatic operation method of a fool. But in view of the various WeChat official means of attack, we can do some God day + boasting thousands of tens of thousands of powder, can only do +200-500, powder, mainly we dare not too rampant frequent operation. read more

Since the media will allow marketing to generate new changes

The word

from the media seems to be rising from the WeChat public platform, when WeChat began to sell advertising platform to the public Cheng Lingfeng a day income of ten thousand or twenty thousand, since that time the industry began to stir from the media, more and more people have begun to join the army from the media. Later, the number of people thinking about WeChat weeks to achieve revenue of $about one million, so many people are more envious, and recently, even the star Chen Kun also began to play the public toll. These are from the media circle of very successful cases, causing great controversy in the industry, but also to the majority of grass root and friends in the industry a signal, as the media may really have. As far as I know, a lot of people on the Internet have opened their own WeChat public number, although not many fans, but also considered to join the ranks of the media. It can be said that this year is the first year since the media. read more

The value of marketing a commonplace talk of an old scholar

in today’s Internet era of information explosion, advertising naked, gradually by the majority of users. With the impact of the Internet on people work and life style, marketing has gradually become the current relatively popular way, and presents the prospect of never. At the same time, more and more enterprises begin to realize the importance of marketing, also try marketing, where today and everyone Jianwei soft marketing value of a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

A: search engine marketing, enhance website ranking read more

Just 4 years to earn the unicorn to become the first round of the four hundred and eight with what i

some people say that the success of the drop attributed to the agile Internet thinking and overbearing team. However, there is no waiting for Cheng dimensional breath, the traffic around the Commission has issued a new travel rules, limit the car, limit line, the next stop at the crossroads. Has become a unicorn drops to react? Chengwei way Cidaoxianhong has been answered.

merger fast, the acquisition of Uber China, China’s smart car industry to become a unicorn, drops travel only 4 years to create a legend, it is estimated that it is also the founder of Cheng Wei think. Just want to quietly starting a business, did not expect to come up with such a big movement, the numerous domestic and foreign giants. read more

Ten let you know the website promotion way

looked at his friend article, "ten ways to promote the site to let you know", was a copy, to share.

wine is very important, but the deep alley will not have too many people to buy wine. Therefore, a website must be promoted, there are a lot of ways to promote the site, such as Adwords, to the various BBS posted ads, leave spam messages to the blog, etc.. Compared with push promotion, some people prefer to pull the promotion, such as I. Of course, do a good job SEO is also very important. This article collects 10 dumbfounding website promotion way, if you like, you can follow the following statement to do, but the consequences. read more

Pan Wuhui micro business from the success of the star four steps

micro business overlord must be from the stars, why do you say that, because the money can be made by the micro – business must have a group of loyal fans willing to pay for him. And since the stars can attract such a group of fanatical fans. Recently, a lot of micro business small white asked me how to become a micro business from the stars, I will share the actual combat experience.

a, choose a good product

is not all micro business products are making money, do not have to choose a micro business mask. Micro business is the best choice to start a white brand awareness of the product, it is easier to use, so as not to be considered mlm. So how to determine whether a micro business products are famous I provide the following methods: read more

2012 network marketing will bring huge business opportunities for SMEs

with the increasing popularity of the Internet, network marketing has become one of the important marketing mode of enterprises, according to the latest report of Chinese Internet Information Center, at present the enterprise Internet use rate has exceeded 95%, of which 48.1% of the enterprises have their own independent website or shop, there are 33.2% enterprises in network marketing. Chinese enterprise network marketing has entered a higher level. With the rapid development of the Internet, the huge commercial value of the network will bring many business opportunities. At present, the number of Internet users China has broken 500 million mark, this population is currently the China mainstream consumer groups, along with the popularization of electronic business continues to improve, the higher the awareness of Internet users online shopping and online shopping, 2011 transaction size has more than 500 billion yuan. The role of the Internet to promote the development of enterprises is unprecedented, the experts pointed out that in 2012 will lead to a new wave of Chinese enterprises network marketing. Through the depth analysis, we can understand why the Internet can bring great impact on the development of enterprises from five aspects. read more

Mogujie com merger beautiful said Community electricity supplier aura burst


/ Nammyeong a shark

2016 just opened, he saw a merger: and beauty announced the merger, in the promotion of Tencent and Hillhouse capital, the two go together.

and 2015, 58 drops fast market, the U.S. group public comment, Ctrip where the difference is that the combination of and beauty is more like merger beauty. CEO June will serve as the new company’s CEO, and Xu Yirong is expected to exit after the merger period.

I heard the merger case, the first impression is a sigh: Community electricity supplier aura burst. read more

China’s online shopping power of the world’s first consumer pull 60% GDP

each reporter Zhang Wen

this year, the Chinese people on the Internet to buy 4 trillion yuan of goods, ranking first in the world. In fact, the "three carriages" in the consumer power is still strong. Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 the annual total retail sales of social consumer goods is expected to reach 30 trillion yuan, ranking the world’s top second, the contribution of consumption to economic growth of nearly 60%.

NBS spokesman Sheng Yun said, "from the demand structure of investment and export led to the changes in the coordinated combination of consumption, investment and exports, the contribution of consumption to economic growth rate has significantly increased." read more

Liu Qiangdong Jingdong to fight the most tragic price war

just stopped less than a month, Jingdong mall and tried to provoke the second round of electricity supplier price war this year. Yesterday, mall Jingdong chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong announced by micro-blog, third and fourth quarter of this year will set off a new round of the largest scale and the most intense, the most comprehensive "price war, the specific measures will be introduced at the end of the month. But the Jingdong had not been a high-profile war challenge other competitors. read more

Honey bud Korea signed a strategic Chinese curiosity for the mother to do diapers as genuine

from March this year, honey bud first to hit the price war diapers, wells consumers, so that mothers are crazy. In order to more recent China mother will find the global good, honey bud diapers will play new tricks, it is reported that in December 18th the leading point of cross-border electricity supplier mother went to Seoul, and the curious Huggies signed a strategic cooperation agreement. As the first cross-border electricity supplier signed with international high-end diaper brands abroad, honey bud with curious strategic signing Zhang Xianmi shoots completely open diaper supply chain, let the Korean field best Huggies factory direct supply of honey bud mother platform. read more

Ma Yun the company’s most sad is the founder of the realm

text / MA

most company founders nature for fear of losing control of the company, no ground for blame since insecurity, around entrepreneurs, insecurity about the future is one of the main factors of their success. In particular, the more successful the founding boss will be more and more inexplicable concern.

founder of the company’s control has two major errors. 1. I always think I love this company better than anyone else in the company. 2. To control the company’s decision only by controlling shares. read more

The State Department of e commerce into why slow

recently, intime heavy into e-commerce information, so that the original undercurrent of general merchandise industry once again face the new e-commerce business model ".

by the Ministry of Commerce Department to encourage enterprises to enter the electronic commerce "warm Jin", the private department stores intime appropriate "speculation" a. However, it is worth pondering that the Ministry of Commerce has been encouraged by the state department store is still silent, has not launched a specific plan. In this new field to e-commerce for enterprises, state-owned department seems to be behind the beat. February Ministry of Commerce convened the leading domestic department store industry, the important issue of the meeting is to support the leading state-owned department stores into e-commerce. Is to support enterprises, Wangfujing department store, Wuhan hundred, Shanghai Bailian heranzailie. According to the relevant parties, the "focus on training object" is the state-owned enterprises in the field of electronic commerce department Xiaoyouchengjiu performers. The store has electronic commerce mode of Wangfujing – and Guangzhou, Wuhan hundred is independently owned shopping channel. read more

How to make buyers quickly find your shop

Although it is easy to open a shop

, but it is not easy to run up. Shop wants to achieve a certain amount of sales, not only to talk about business skills, but also to pay a lot of sweat. When the shop just opened soon, when the initial operation, many people have to worry about the amount of popular shop, how to let the shop gather more popular, quickly open the sales situation? In addition to good promotion work, shop to bind your own independent domain name written brief is the first step of success. read more

Taobao Union rules explain how to settle the income of Ali’s mother

most of the country for the application of the account is very loose, which is in the primary stage of the Internet in China, most of the foreign advertising alliance audit are very strict. Taobao union application and registration, fill in the basic information can be completed simple. A need to pay attention to the situation is that Ali is currently the mother can not modify the account registered mailbox. If you want to use another mailbox as a login mailbox, please use the mailbox to re register. Any alliance to modify the payment account is a troublesome thing, to provide a lot of documents, but also a long cycle, so fill in the account to be cautious. read more

Tang is looting three qiyi Jingdong SKYWORTH channel group push box

smart TV, TV box, this year is undoubtedly the hottest areas.

a few days ago, HUAWEI secret box in HUAWEI mall, Jingdong mall reservation sale, the first day of the total number of appointments on the line to break 610 thousand. So, Iqiyi vice president Duan bridge to Internet TV compared to "Tang Seng meat" is not without reason.

Tang everyone wants to grab the first few months of this year, there have been about 19 product launch, most of them are set-top boxes, and TV products. In addition to music, millet, traditional hardware manufacturers have sea, HUAWEI, Coship etc.. read more

Weaken the price war aiming at the trend of the crowd Tmall how to play fashion

Tmall, a future full of gas advertising hit Tmall is still on the purchase, Jingdong also hit the still Jingdong slogen. Two major electricity supplier giants while fashion field. In August 15th, Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with the fashion group, released in August 18th, the electricity supplier fashion trend; Jingdong and fashion group’s "bazaar" the depth of cooperation, "bazaar" in the Jingdong’s flagship store. The same is fashionable, these two giants have shown different gameplay. read more