small shops generally do is a radius of a few miles of business, because the service area is limited, therefore, a large number of small shops. However, the times are different. Any profitable place, businesses will yiyongershang. Large shopping malls with strong financial resources, large scale, full range of goods and other advantages, to the surrounding small shops have brought tremendous pressure. With the intensification of competition, once the introduction of large shopping malls promotional activities, customers will soon gather to the mall, resulting in a small shop around the source of tourists, business increasingly difficult to do. In the face of big market menacing pressure, how to deal with the small shops, to attract tourists guaranteed income, so as to survive?

Zhang boss: focus on emotional investment to provide quality services

three years ago, in order to take care of the elderly and children at home, I opened a small grocery store and in their own communities. But before I get a firm foothold, a new supermarket chain opened near the community. The source of my shop is less, the regulars are just a few of those neighbors, big supermarket opened, my business is more difficult to do. My husband and I are laid-off workers, in order to open the small shop, we put all his savings into the room, if the shop now moved to other places or to switch to other stores, so before we invest will be cast to the wind. No way, I have to day by day.

that day, Wang neighbors came to my shop to buy things, and I chat when talking about such a thing: not long ago, Wang’s mother to prepare a birthday party for her grandson, to the big supermarket nearby to buy a lot of things, Wang mother is more than and 60 years old, she had wanted to give the family a surprise, so a person to go to the supermarket to buy vegetables, fruits, fresh, did not expect to buy too many things, Wang mother can’t lift.

she can not buy the goods on the supermarket at the entrance to the cashier, and then called Wang’s phone. Wang work units from the county 20 miles, received the mother’s phone, Wang had to put down the work at hand, to meet the mother big supermarket, sent her home after returning to the unit. Wang said: "the old lady is not to give me something! The mall is not responsible for delivery, I told her not to go to a big supermarket to buy things."

speaker has no intention listener, Wang’s words let me find between large stores and small shops is different, I think, compared with the large shopping malls, our small shops advantage is closer to the customer, understand customer demand. Said the small boat U-turn, as long as our rapid response, flexible, timely adjust business strategy, consolidate the good relationship with customers, provide more convenient and more humanized service, will win customer loyalty and trust.

so, my store made a series of customer convenience

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