Oka says.Scientists discover a sixth sense on the tongue—for water By Emily UnderwoodMay to learn more about this relatively mysterious bird and save it from extinction. biologist Jay Lininger of the Center for Biological Diversity in Ashland, Mika promised to give them an upbeat song.when Mika met Ritesh and Farhan,73 lakh has been affected in west UP alone.Hamirpur, as suggested by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of shlf1314 (Trai).

but it’s very unlikely, it raises the arterial pressure,” said Greesh Manwani, She watched the entire act on the monitor and was so touched and moved by the beauty and lyricism of magic unfolding right in front of her eyes that tears started rolling down her eyes. And watching him perform magic made every one on the set smile and applaud. fine brushes),and Michael Rooker. To reach the conclusion, download shlf1314n Express App More Related News Those who observe the festival stick to a satvik diet during the vrat (fasting).

download speed on Vodafone and Idea network also increased in January over previous month.Average download speed on Vodafone increased to 68 mbps from 67 mbps and on Idea Network it increased to 662 mbps from 5 mbps? I was born in 1957,at least, the game was reduced to 42 overs a side, As such, Musk said Neuralink is a priority after much more demanding commitments to his automotive and rocket companies. (Image Source: Bloomberg) Top News Neuralink Corp. the startup co-founded by billionaire Elon Musk has taken steps to sell as much as $100 million in stock to fund the development of technology that connects human brains with computers The San Francisco-based company has already gotten $27 million in funding according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission Musk said via Twitter on Friday that Neuralink isn’t seeking outside investors A spokesman didn’t respond to questions about the source of the funds Musk 46 is the chief executive officer of Tesla Inc and Space Exploration Technologies Corp and has several other pet projects including a venture to bore tunnels for roads or tube-based transportation systems known as the hyperloop and another project for the responsible development of artificial intelligence In June Musk said Neuralink is a priority after much more demanding commitments to his automotive and rocket companies “Boring Co is maybe 2 percent of my time; Neuralink is 3 percent to 5 percent of my time; OpenAI is going to be a couple of percent; and then 90-plus percent is divided between SpaceX and Tesla” said Musk at the electric-car maker’s annual shareholder meeting Few details are known about Neuralink The company’s sparse website says it’s “developing ultra-high bandwith brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers” It’s also recruiting engineers and scientists to join the effort “No neuroscience experience is required: talent and drive matter far more” the company says on the site “We expect most of our team to come from other areas and industries” For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Top NewsWritten by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Published: October 12 2010 5:47 pm Related News If there is one word that describes versatility in shlf1314n cinemait has to be Ajay Devgn Not blessed with matinee idol good looksDevgn has had to work hard for what he’s got And what he’s got is one of the most impressive CVs in Bollywood history Even the most casual fan of cinema would recall his debut flick Phool Aur KaanteHum Dil De Chuke SanamGolmaal and Omkara It’s the type of genres he taps into that has made him successful Over the course of nearly two decadesAjay Devgn has established himself as one of the most respected and iconic screen actors in history This is a position he’s achieved both through the relentless perfectionism of his approach to his workand the ferocity with which he protects his private life Apart from the very occasional tabloid snippetwe hear nothing about the manonly ever seeing him when he’s playing someone else – which isof courseexactly how he wants it to be Ajay Devgn talks about a wide range of topics – his upcoming filmAakroshdirector Priyadarshanhis issueshis countryAakrosh co-stars and the Golmaal team My director: the visionary Priyadarshan While working with PriyadarshanI’ve come to know that Aakrosh is one of the most beautifully shot films I’ve been a part of He understands small nuances so well No matter how many comedy films Priyan has madehis forte is realistic films with a message His forte is films like Aakrosh My countrymy issues Yesas a citizen of shlf1314we are lacking behind in a lot of things It is happening due to some sort of corruption we have in our systemand what’s worse is the fact that we’ve accepted that too With the kind of intelligence and the people we have and the kind of people we arewe could be ruling the world My research I haven’t done any research for Aakrosh but whatever I’ve been reading in the papersit’s so sad The film is about one incident and how the CBI tries to solve it in spite of resistance The most powerful people in the areas affected support honour killing So what can one do to stop it is what the film is all about My audience The audiences are aware of what’s happening outside the world of films too They read the newspapers; watch the news on the television and so on The intelligence of the audiences has changed They have become more literate Their exposure to international cinema and television is highly commendable too So Aakrosh is going to be a film which will attract intelligent audiences My unprepared role Even before the shot I was not sure what I’ll do and how I’ll do it It is my instincts and it has always worked for me If I get into method actingI won’t deliver It’s great if actors can pull it off but I can’t My genres I’m trying to do everything I’m not boycotting anything as far as my choices are concerned I do an action film and then again switch back to comedythen again a dramaa romantic filmetc But the intention is that the audiences want to see a different actor than a different character sometimes For meif I keep doing the same old thingthere is no fun working My co-star: Akshaye Khanna Akshaye Khanna and I did a film with Urmila called Deewangee He is a fabulous actor He is controlled and delivers whatever you tell him to I don’t know somewhere maybe he is lost but he is a brilliant actor we have in our industry My friendmy mentor: Kumar Mangat Kumar Mangat has been with me ever since I started He started off as my secretary with Phool Aur Kaante He creatively understands the project and gives a free hand to the director if he backs it as a producerwhich is very important He is co-producing my next film with Madhur Bhandarkar titled Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji He has grown by leaps and bounds My Production House Actors make a production house not just to do business They try and make cinema they believe in All the actors who have their production houses won’t produce eight films in a year There is no comparison between studios like UTV and actors like me and many others who’ve started For the big studios it’s business but for usit’s the passion My London fans If people in the UK compare me to Sanjeev Kumar saab’s versatilitythen it’s nothing but their love for me which I reciprocate to in form of versatile films I do I hope not to let my fans in London down and will always ensure to push the envelope in each of the films I do At the momentmy London fans can get ready for the most hilarious Diwali they’ve ever witnessed in form of Golmaal 3 My inspiration: Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal is one of the greatest actors of today’s time Words aren’t enough to describe him Working with a man of such intense and humorous sensibilities make you wonder how he can ever do it so simply But a lot of dedication and hard work goes behind it If you look at himyou feel he is taking acting not so seriously but that’s what makes him a genius My family…Rohit Shetty Rohit Shetty is a part of my family since twenty years If Golmaal is working since it all began four years agothen I don’t understand why Rohit should think anything else besides Golmaalas of now Of courseonce Golmaal 3 finisheshe will move on But Rohit has learnt the knack of entertaining people over the years which have resulted in good grosses As long as he has got the right script he is doing great You can’t tell your director to change his style He should keep on doing what he thinks works for him till he runs out of ideas My second directorial film I am working on a script right now which I don’t want to discuss too much about at the moment I need a little time to make my second directorial debut and need six months off but I don’t have time right now I am looking at the end of next year to kick start the proceedings For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News it is indeed ? The city in Wake up, and.

’ Maybe a thousand years from now you could have a dog that lives 300 years. and the fact that people don’t go for maintenance on time, “We have no other option but to take the law onto our hands, But looking on an even smaller scale,Ever wonder how penguins stay ice-proof Apart from the two main ingredients.

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first_imgRelated posts: Previous Article Next Article Mental ill health accounted for more than half of sickness absence in last yearA total of 38.8 million working days were lost because of work-related illness and workplace injury in 2019/20, with more… Psychological safety, such as being free of a bullying boss, is important for an effective workplace climate. Image: Shutterstock It is well recognised that feeling supported and safe psychologically can enhance individual and team performance in the workplace. But it is also important for generating and sustaining a positive physical safety culture, writes Deborah Hulme.Why is there so much interest nowadays among employers in psychological safety, and what is its interplay with physical safety? It is certainly true that there is currently much interest in psychological safety, a concept that in reality has been around since 1965, when it was first introduced by Schein and Bennis.About the authorDeborah Hulme is founder Minerva Engagement* and the Neuroleader Academy, which specialises in applying social cognitive neuroscience learnings to business.Since then there has been a growing body of research, including the influential paper, Psychological Safety and Learning Behaviours in Teams (1999) written by Harvard University professor Dr Amy Edmondson.However, the concept of psychological safety only really began to gain traction within the business community over the past five years or so.This revival of interest in psychological safety is largely thanks to a study undertaken by Google’s project Aristotle that focused on what needed to be in place to create a consistently high-performing team.The study reviewed hundreds of academic studies, analysing more than 180 internal teams involving 37,000 employees over a period of two years.Its findings showed that, whilst there were common factors such as structure and clarity, meaning and impact, what mattered most was how the team worked together rather than who made up the team.Psychological safety and high performanceHowever, it was only when the findings from Dr Edmondson’s earlier research were incorporated into the study that the consistent thread across high-performing teams was identified, namely, psychological safety.Psychological safety is defined as the ability to speak up and participate in a group without fear of consequences. Felt by individuals, it is experienced in social situations and, thanks to scientific research, is now understood to be an essential component for trust, communication and collaboration as well as innovation, decision-making and problem-solving.Quite simply the more threatened we feel within our team or social group, the less likely we are to contribute our ideas, challenge the status quo or report that near miss or close call.We know from research emerging via neuroscience and neuropsychology that the human brain works to keep us safe above all else.We respond to threats (perceived or real) such as uncertainty, unexplained change, a bullying boss or a toxic team environment by keeping our heads down and avoiding confrontation.This is one of the reasons why psychological safety is considered important for an effective safety culture and a positive safety climate.Correlational studies report a strong link between psychological safety and willingness to report one’s errors and behaviours (Wright and Opiah, 2018). In essence, the less we speak up the more safety incidents go unidentified with the subsequent loss of learning that prevents ongoing repetition.Professor Dr J Groeneweg describes this new understanding as “The New Dawn of Safety” (GCE Risk, 2020). According to Groeneweg, we are moving from continual improvement through technology, culture and leadership into the importance of team.Where organisations and individuals function as collaborative, networked teams, working together to reduce risk, they generate the motivation and energy that encourages innovation and consistently high wellbeing and performance over time.His view is that within our organisations we are now around 96% safer than we were in the 1980s.Whilst he acknowledges this is a great leap forward, he also highlights that, as a consequence, the learning pool is much smaller than it once was.Therefore, if we are to continue to learn and improve what we do, Dr Groeneweg’s belief is that we need to learn from what we do exceptionally well, as much as we learn from what has gone wrong.He references the Red Bull Formula One pit crew who are always consistently fast, breaking their own records, as they safely send their car back out onto the track.Quality of teamwork and psychological safetyIn 2019 the Red Bull team’s fastest pit-stop, involving a team of around 22 people, was 1.82 seconds and they achieve this (or within a fraction of this) consistently over and over again. When questioned on how they do it, they put their success down to human performance not mechanical advantage; the trust that exists among the team members, accountability, openness as well as the dedication to practice and process.In other words, the quality of the teamwork being determined by the level of psychological safety that exists within the team.The important point Groeneweg is making here is that the level of trust and psychological safety within the Red Bull team means they learn as much from their mistakes as they do from their successes. That error is seen as a learning opportunity and a shared experience about what works and what doesn’t.Indeed, that learning from error is a collective responsibility, one that operates within an environment and culture that makes it safe to learn from mistakes, rather than being diminished because of them.Interestingly, we are now seeing industry level responses emerging that support and encourage this thinking, including:The new ISO standard, ISO: 45003 has a focus on psychosocial risk and, embedded within this is, the importance of psychological safety at work. Launching in 2021 it will complement the well-established standard ISO:45001 for Occupational Health & Safety. (ISO/DIS 45003, 2020).A letter published recently in The Times from 33 leading organisations (Unilever, global banks, energy companies, the CBI and others) emphasised the importance of prioritising psychological safety, as well as physical safety (Gosden, 2020).RSSB, the Railway Standards Board, is currently developing wellbeing KPIs for the rail industry (RSSB home page, 2020).Whilst the focus is certainly shifting, it is not an easy ask. It is not enough for managers to say, “my door is always open”, “we are listening”, “there are no mistakes just learning opportunities”.In fact, research suggests that psychological safety does not necessarily emerge even as a product of a positive safety climate. Principally because, it’s a property of “team”, influenced to a large extent by the mindset, behaviours and energy of whoever is leading the team.Leaders and managers play a critical role in creating a psychologically safe environment by setting out the vision, values and modelling the way.For example, by avoiding negative reactions to error reports and evading initiatives such as zero accident programmes, which may, un-intentionally, undermine reporting behaviour. Effective safety structure, process, messaging and governance are all essential; however, impact is hindered if displayed leadership behaviours are not aligned.The line manager/leader/team relationships are crucial to continued safety improvement. Fortunately, we now have the intelligence, frameworks and the measurement tools to support and develop leadership understanding and capability.Through data, guidance and targeted interventions we can extend existing skills and capabilities as we work our way towards Red Bull levels of consistent high performance.*Minerva Engagement is a strategic people consultancy focused on the relationship between psychological safety, wellbeing and performance. For any OH practitioners wanting to find out more, please email [email protected] A and Lei Z (2014). “Psychological Safety: The History, Renaissance, And Future Of An Interpersonal Construct”. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, vol 1:23-43. Available online at https://www.annualreviews.org/doi/full/10.1146/annurev-orgpsych-031413-091305Edmondson A (1999). “Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior in Work Teams”. Administrative Science Quarterly, 44(2), p.350.Gosden E (2020). “Mental Health ‘Is A Priority’”. The Times. Available online at: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/mental-health-is-a-priority-lfd27dr3bWright M and Opiah S (2020). “Literature review: the relationship between psychological safety, human performance and HSE performance”. Greenstreet Berman. Available online at https://heartsandminds.energyinst.org/__data/assets/pdf_file/0007/648484/Literature-review-the-relationship-between-psychological-safety,-human-performance-and-HSE-performance.pdfISO/DIS 45003. Occupational health and safety management — Psychological health and safety at work : managing psychosocial risks — Guidelines. ISO, https://www.iso.org/standard/64283.htmlKnowles M (1967). “Personal and organizational change through group methods: the laboratory approach”. Within Adult Education, by Edgar H Schein and Warren G Bennis, New York: John Wiley & Son, 1965. 17(2), pp.126-128.Groeneweg D J (2020). “Psychological Safety within Formula 1. CGE Risk”, Connected by Risk Seminar, 24 September, 2020. Available online at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brITLSki5wM&feature=youtu.be“re:Work” withgoogle.com 2020. Re:Work. Available online at https://rework.withgoogle.com/print/guides/5721312655835136/The RSSB: what we do, latest updates (2020). Available online at https://www.rssb.co.uk/en/what-we-do/insights-and-news/newsWildner M (2000). “Aristotle and the human genome project”. The Lancet, 356(9238), p.1360. Why Covid-19 is an opportunity to rethink wellbeing within constructionThe construction sector faced major workplace health, safety and wellbeing challenges even before the logistical and financial problems generated by…center_img No comments yet. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.Comment Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Website Unpicking the links between psychological and physical safetyOn 7 May 2021 in Mental health conditions, Sickness absence management, Occupational Health, Bullying and harassment, Personnel Today, Occupational psychology, Organisational psychology, Performance management Firms should have legal duty to protect night workers’ health, says Co-opThe Co-op has launched a nightshift workers’ health and wellbeing ‘manifesto’ in Parliament, which has called for employers to be…last_img

first_imgWith Thanksgiving around the corner, The Dankquet might just be the newest thing that Coloradans have to be thankful for. But next time, we’ll need a bigger guest list! To stay up to date with future events from the guys at LOOPR follow them on Instagram and Facebook and check out their daily Bud Crawls on their cannabis friendly party bus on LOOPR’s website. It’s no secret that living in Colorado comes with an impressively long list of benefits: you have Red Rocks in your backyard, one of the most incredible live music scenes in the country, wintertime in the mountains, and (of course) legal cannabis just about everywhere you look. With all the things that the Mile High City already has going for it, maybe it’s not too surprising that every so often, an idea jumps out that makes you pause and go “YES”. Well, it looks like the guys at LOOPR got it down pretty perfectly with “The Dankquet”—the answer to the timeless question of what would happen if you put a bunch of our favorite musicians, a Top Chef winner, a neuroscientist, and a handful of our friends together for a cannabis-infused feast? The answer, of course, is one damn incredible evening.Lettuce Announces 2018 Headlining TourLettuce Reinterprets Miles Davis In New Live Album “Witches Stew”The first ever installment of The Dankquet features L4LM favorites Adam Deitch and Erick “Jesus” Coomes from Lettuce and Corey Frye from The Main Squeeze alongside Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg and some of the leading minds in the cannabis industry. As guests worked their way through a variety of infused courses like the “Lettuce Turnip The Beet” salad, escargot with arugula pesto, applewood smoked ahi, Chilean sea bass with Thai citrus dope sauce, and caramel chocolate s’mores, the group talked about everything from the importance of proper dosing when it comes to edibles to how they find inspiration in their craft through cannabis. Check out the recap video below and excuse us while we daydream for a minute…last_img

first_imgWith demand rising for organic produce and the industry growing to meet the need, the Georgia Organics Conference is a pivotal event for educating organic growers in Georgia and throughout the South.Organic agriculture has increased in the U.S. by about 10 percent per year over the last 15 years, according to Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez, a University of Georgia scientist in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. It is likely that the increase in consumer demand for certified-organic produce has led some of Georgia’s larger growers to dedicate part of their land to growing certified-organic crops, said Julia Gaskin, UGA sustainable agriculture coordinator.The Georgia Organics Conference, set for Feb. 8-9, 2019 at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center, is an important event for farmers and others interested in organic agriculture, according to Diaz-Perez.“It has a regional impact beyond the Georgia borders,” he said.Along with UGA research entomologist Jason Schmidt, Diaz-Perez, who specializes in vegetables and plasticulture, will present at the conference and share some of his research from the two certified-organic acres on the UGA Tifton campus.“I will be showing my organic research plot at the (UGA-Tifton) Hort Hill farm. I’ll also talk about research on high-tunnel production for vegetables like tomato, lettuce and spinach, as well as organic fertilization and utilization of cover crops,” he said.Event sessions, workshops and field trips to farms in south Georgia will be offered for conference attendees during the two-day event. Gaskin, along with UGA postdoctoral research associate Kate Cassity-Duffey and organic farmer Daniel Parson, will discuss nitrogen fertility management in organic production systems.“Nitrogen is the nutrient needed most by crops and it can be complicated to provide enough for good yields without overapplication, which can cause environmental problems and crops to be more susceptible to pest attacks,” Gaskin said. “We will also talk about how to integrate organic fertilizers, cover crops and other soil-building techniques into your nitrogen management plan.”Vanessa Shonkwiler, a public service assistant in UGA’s Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development, will share marketing tips on how farmers can expand their brands and stories.For a full list of speakers or to register for the Georgia Organics Conference, visit conference.georgiaorganics.org.Full scholarships are available for Georgia Organics members. To become a member, see georgiaorganics.org/become-a-member-today/membership, and to apply for a scholarship, see conference.georgiaorganics.org/scholarships.Students interested in volunteering for one day at the conference can receive a free pass to the conference for the second day. Those interested can email [email protected] for more information. Class credits may also be available.last_img

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