2007, the United States and the success of the station together, can count with almost ten fingers and ten toes, feeling much less than in 2006 when, in the foreign station is also said, let me think about more than a week.

2006 the grassroots and video like stations do, 2007 grassroots can only grow in 2006 from the grassroots, record the situation 07 years of video station is why in 06 years of video link station made of? No money? No? No? No, 06 years into the blue ocean 07 years has become the red sea. The station has several large video oligarchs firmly occupy 80% of the traffic. I casually asked colleagues, almost all know potatoes, why, potatoes have a story, entrepreneurial story, on the good. And the other six rooms, Youku also know. While in the United States, YouTube is the speed of light up to third of aleax, more than Google.com also point the day and await for it. The Microsoft has recently been rising rapidly live.com.

The number of

at the station in the super increasing function in expanding constantly, the flow is also in constant expansion. In the United States, the total amount of citizens, and the total amount of time is almost no longer growing, the success rate of this grassroots station has been slowly reduced, Plentyoffish has slowly become a myth.

in China, such as the spring grass root webmaster also times, such as ox hair, street ten youth in 5 wrote a blog, the 1 is the webmaster, with open source Discuz, the continuous development of Dede technology, more and more low threshold. Originality is rapidly depleted, blog, Witkey, shaike, Zhangke, such as ox hair thinker… Over… Passengers have been made, and want to come out, looking

?It seems that the

number of spectators in along with the increasing of PC sales, in constant growth, but think carefully, what are now the children did not go to Internet cafes? After more than a year, in the last time, feel really outdated before, see the color of the World of Warcraft, audition, and now for a number of play do not know what the game, but it certainly is the online games, the rest are in the movie chat QQ, did not find a look at page. Not to make contributions to the Olympic site traffic, forget the QQ space, one in the flowers too. In the unit, it is the same as investors, the rest of the time is Sina Sina financial stocks, stock it, and off the job they are estimated to contribute to Sohu.


users do not have the resources, rely on the hao123 Internet, so Mike finally in Li where to get the money, get the stock, now users have resources, Sina has a Sohu portal, with online games, with QQ, with potatoes, they are universal in the Baidu Google, the other, they can feel no, or did not play the distinctive station name. But they still feel that the time is not enough to see or not

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