since the opportunity of e-commerce has come, we will carefully analyze the current China’s adult goods wholesale industry e-commerce environment.

is the first user base: 253 million of Internet users, online shopping crowd of 80 million, I believe in any business seems to be a huge user groups can not be ignored. While the average income and expenditure level of these users is much higher than the national average, in promoting the China government, the construction of broadband infrastructure Chinese more perfect, in the foreseeable future, Chinese Internet users and online shopping population will grow exponentially.

followed by the online shopping environment, Dangdang, excellence, Taobao education, so that the online shopping environment has improved a lot.

again is the means of payment: payment instruments Alipay has become mainstream, and China all banks started to provide online payment services, it can be said now online shopping has not had the payment obstacle.

The important link of the electronic commerce logistics system EMS

guarantee: Express, ZJS has built a nationwide delivery system, to pay support for goods but also greatly promote the development of electronic commerce.

of course, perfect and very important is the network promotion environment, many mature sales network alliance promotion means, and improve the personnel and institutions equipped, are necessary conditions of traditional enterprises to carry out e-commerce promotion.

so China’s retail sales from 2 billion 800 million in 2003, an increase of nearly B2C this year, in 2010 is expected to break through the 46 billion mark, with an average annual growth rate of more than 40%. The global B2C retail sales in 2003 was $203 billion 700 million this year, to reach $940 billion, an increase of about 30%. Therefore, in the face of such a huge consumer market in China, the opportunity for Chinese enterprises to carry out e-commerce or unprecedented.

At present, the traditional

e-commerce attempts to include the following:


: settled in Taobao and other C2C. Low cost fast turnaround, as well as a huge user base, attracted a lot of traditional enterprises. But Taobao has its own shortcomings, the commodity quality uneven in quality to a certain extent affected the brand image, their management of goods and delivery and limit the development of enterprises.

type two: Dangdang, excellence, such as the supply of B2C platform. The advantage of this is that sales of larger, more peace of mind. But can not establish their own brand image, subject to the constraints of the B2C platform is relatively large. If one day Dangdang, excellent growth for the United States, Suning, the brand within the platform are afraid to be constrained.

type three: do professional category e-commerce platform suppliers. Such as Gerges adult supplies. The advantages of doing so and to Dangdang and other integrated B2C platform supply almost the same meaning.

type four: build your own network sales channels, their own network brand straight

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