Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBulkan revokes Linden Town Clerk’s appointmentMarch 23, 2017In “latest news”‘Intimidation, bullyism, abuse’ being faced by women in the workplace must end- WPOApril 4, 2017In “Business”Town Clerk issue seen as “priority” – Minster BulkanMay 25, 2015In “Crime” Dear Editor,Without notice, without being provided a reason, without any viable justification, mere hours after fulfilling one of her administrative functions, just the night before at a Statutory Meeting of the Linden Town Council – having been invited to attend a meeting of Town Clerks at the Ministry of Communities, Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, unilaterally, peremptorily dismissed Linden Town Clerk Jonellor Bowen, leaving her in a quandary, begging the questions why, and what next?But were his actions really unilateral?Has Minister Bulkan become the fall-guy for the entire imbroglio that has relegated a female professional to a mere pawn in the political minefield of the PNC-led coalition government? If so, who decided this woman’s fate where she was arbitrarily fired from her job; although she was accused of no wrongdoing?Has she become a statistic of the growing number of Guyanese working-class victims who comprise the coalition’s ‘collateral damage’, as those who are being victimized by the APNU-AFC partnership were called by Minister Khemraj Ramjattan?Bowen had reportedly faced many difficulties in the execution of her duties as Town Clerk at the PNC-dominated Council led by Mayor Holland.However, even a specially-commissioned CoI, headed by PNC executive members, found her not culpable of any wrongdoing; so why is this evil vendetta against her allowed to prevail, with no intervention by even female members of the government, or relevant ministerial persons or departments?Apparently Ms Bowen is not the only female employee of the Linden municipality that is being harassed by the Mayor; and she had been prevailed upon to deliver complaints from his victims to the Ministry of Communities, whereupon, instead of conducting any investigation into the complaints, or taking any punitive action against Mayor Holland, the messenger was punished with revocation of her contract. What a diabolic act to protect the indecencies and bullyism of another APNU-AFC official.Is some powerful government official protecting Mayor Holland; and what is the compulsion presumably coercing Minister Bulkan to act in such a manner that discredits his office and dishonours his professional reputation?Ms Jonellor Bowen has allegedly been publicly vilified by Mayor Holland, chastised in the most abusive language in the public domain and humiliated by him in numerous ways, including speaking to her in the most condescending manner in the presence of junior staff.Apparently his alleged disrespectful and abusive behavior was not limited to his treatment of Ms Bowen, because there have surfaced reports of written statements documenting Mayor Holland’s harassment of junior staff, especially females; and it was immediately after the Town Clerk’s submission of one such report to the Ministry of Communities that she was dismissed, prompting the suspicion that Mayor Holland is under the protection of someone higher up the administrative ladder than Minister Bulkan.Given the fact that, instead of investigating the reports against Holland, Ms Bowen was summarily dismissed and the reports were ignored, these misgivings are not without merit.Condoning such egregious actions of government officials, such as the unrelenting persecution of Ms Jonellor Bowen and other female employees in public office is a stigma on the coalition government. Their declarations regarding empowerment of women and other vulnerable groups are in direct contrast to their actions.Compounding the farcical imbroglio playing out in the Linden municipality is the inanity of a subject minister describing an assertive, qualified professional, who does not submit to intimidating tactics by bullying functional superiors in a work environment, as disruptive, disrespectful, divisive (for listening to and acting on complaints against Mayor Holland).Minister Bulkan’s lame excuses to media operatives was that Ms Bowen did not understand ‘her role’; which is, perhaps, being subjective to Mayor Holland’s reported bullying mannerisms and submissive to his  male dominance.The persecution of Ms Jonellor Bowen is a remarkably evil act that should be condemned by all right-thinking persons; but where are the voices of conscience who waged relentless war against the previous government when accused of infringing, even marginally, their perceptions of right behavior? Double standards and doublespeak seem to prevail in PNC-APNU-AFC enclaves.Why is Ms Bowen so persecuted and discriminated against by Mayor Holland and Cronies? Is it because she is the only non-Afro-Guyanese that sits around the table in the Council meetings in Region 10? Or is it because she is from the vulnerable Amerindian community? Or is it because she is a single mother?Or is it because her standards of high moral rectitude offend officials who may see her as someone who should be willing to compromise her morals in order to retain a job? Or is it because, as a practicing Seven-day Adventist member, she does not belong to the denominations of church bodies led by senior regional/political PNC activists, who have been appointing their own church members to positions for which many do not qualify.Questions are being asked as to whether Minister Bulkan was prevailed upon by the PNC leadership in Linden, after a visit last Wednesday by two government ministers who are also members of the PNC Central Executive Committee, to fire Bowen, which was done early the next day, to facilitate the visit by President Granger on the following Friday and ensure that there were no controversial issues, or disruptive complaints from the Town Clerk against Holland to mar President Granger’s visit.This evil action has planted an evil seed: Expect a swift, evil harvest, with the residents of Linden being the ‘collateral damage’.Reports are that an incompetent political personality would be appointed as Town Clerk, which would precipitate a Council in utter confusion, a demoralized workforce, an alienation of specifically-identified contractors and suppliers.The infantile brand of politics being practiced by Mayor Holland will result in implosion around the horseshoe table. This demonic act that gives cover to Mayor Holland cannot endure, because a continuum of scandalous behaviour by PNC appointees would have the expected outcome and this runaway train of lawlessness will boomerang and severely injure even the coalition government and its support bases.Remember the Bible says: “Whatever you sow, you shall reap:”.Yours sincerely,Bishop Juan Edghill M.P.

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first_img + posts Abortion access threatened as restrictive bills make their way through Texas Legislature Linkedin ReddIt printSpend enough time with any politically active college student who identifies as conservative and you will hear the same lament, “It seems like all the professors here are so liberal.”This phrase is echoed in College Republicans chapter meetings at universities across the country and, regardless of where you may stand on the issue, it seems to be empirically true.An Econ Journal Watch study of the voter registration of 7,243 college professors in social science departments at 40 U.S. universities found 3,623 to be registered Democrats and only 314 to be registered Republicans. That’s a ratio of nearly 12:1 Democrats to Republicans.The study also found that at many universities, registration in left-leaning minority parties outnumbered that of Republican registration as well, and this study only looked at voter registration. A survey conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA found that the percentage of academics defining themselves as “liberal or far-left” has increased from 40 percent in 1990 to nearly 60 percent in 2014.Of course, if you are a liberal you might reply with, “So what?”Well, there are several consequences to a homogeneous academia dominated by one side of the political spectrum, be it liberal or conservative. These consequences tend to be stronger in the social sciences, as they deal with more subjective ideas.One consequence is that you receive a less rigorous education than you might in an environment where you are exposed to multiple different perspectives. Most students of social science would agree that we want to have a complete understanding of the issues we are studying in pursuing higher education. We cannot, however, have a complete understanding of an issue without understanding both sides of it. If you only hear a liberal perspective, you only hear half the story.A consequence for liberal students is that their ideas are not challenged, and therefore, may not be considered at the deepest level. I’m not arguing that liberal students need to be exposed to conservative ideas so that they will change their beliefs. Liberal students should be exposed to conservative ideas so that they can understand their own beliefs better. By considering ideas that oppose their own they are forced to become more knowledgeable and more skilled at explaining their own position, while also gaining a better understanding of why their opponents believe what they believe.Conservative students already have their beliefs challenged in the classroom, and I believe they benefit from this challenge. Indeed, it seems that all of us could benefit from a better understanding of the other side considering the deeply divided and partisan nature of contemporary American politics.The bottom line is, when both sides of the political spectrum, left and right, are exposed to the views of the other side, the American political process will be improved. In other words, when a liberal can easily explain why a conservative doesn’t support abortion and vice versa, free from partisan shouting and name-calling, the American public will be ready to have a grown-up conversation about the issue.As college students, we should be actively seeking out opportunities to be challenged in our beliefs. As our academia become more homogeneous we lose these opportunities. There is no easy answer to this issue. More conservatives have to pursue higher degrees. Universities must make an effort in their hiring practices to include more conservatives on their faculty but in an ethical and undiscriminating manner.American universities have always been a place for diverse ideas and intense ideological debate. We must demand that they stay that way. Hank Fitzgerald Hank Fitzgerald Facebook Twitter Linkedin Opinion: Beto won’t beat Ted in senate racecenter_img Awkward times ensue in middle school when one first learns about sex. Many schools choose to go about it differently than others. While most secular schools tend to teach safe sex, some private or conservative schools prefer to preach abstinence. Both efforts keep in mind the safety of the youth, but they do not educate people fully. A more comprehensive sex-education program should be made in order to make sure students learn about all the options whether they decide to become sexually active. What we’re reading: Former Vice President dies at 93, Chad President killed on frontlines Twitter Hank Fitzgerald Previous articleUnexpected injuries prepare men’s basketball for postseason playNext articleWATCH: Democratic candidate for state senate talks gun control, immigration Hank Fitzgerald RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR ReddIt Facebook Opinion: Tariffs are a bad idea What we’re reading: Chauvin found guilty in Floyd case, Xi to attend Biden’s climate change summit last_img

first_img April 27, 2021 Find out more March 3, 2021 Find out more IndiaAsia – Pacific Led by Sub-Inspector Javaid Ahmad of the Kothibagh district police station, the policemen attacked Bhat while he was covering a People’s Democratic Party demonstration. Indian policemen yesterday gave Gowhar Bhat, a reporter for the Greater Kashmir daily, a beating on a street in Srinagar, the capital of the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. In the photos taken by a colleague, one can see a dozen police officers smiling as they lay into Bhat with their batons. News Help by sharing this information Organisation “The policemen responsible for this gratuitous violence against a journalist must be punished,” Reporters Without Borders said. IndiaAsia – Pacific “I was covering the demonstration when a policeman came up and slapped me for no reason,” Bhat told Reporters Without Borders. “I told him I was a journalist but he did not calm down. A dozen of his colleagues surrounded me and hit me with their batons.” Two journalists who tried to help him were also beaten. News Receive email alerts April 27, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Police beat reporter on Srinagar street RSF_en In rural India, journalists face choice between covering pandemic and survival June 10, 2021 Find out more RSF demands release of detained Indian journalist Siddique Kappan, hospitalised with Covid-19 News India: RSF denounces “systemic repression” of Manipur’s media News Follow the news on India to go furtherlast_img

first_imgNews Updates”Applicant In Jail Can’t Be Left At The Mercy Of State”: Allahabad High Court Expresses Displeasure At Non-Filing Of /Reports In Time Sparsh Upadhyay21 March 2021 11:00 PMShare This – xThe Court is not getting sufficient cooperation from the side of the State. This is a pathetic state and the Court records its strongest exception of such type of attitude from the State: Allahabad High CourtThe Allahabad High Court recently rebuked the Uttar Pradesh Government while noting that despite getting sufficient time, almost in every case, the AGA failed to provide counter-affidavit and viscera report of the deceased in time. The Bench of Justice Rahul Chaturvedi sternly remarked, “The Court is not getting sufficient cooperation from the side of the State. This is a pathetic…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginThe Allahabad High Court recently rebuked the Uttar Pradesh Government while noting that despite getting sufficient time, almost in every case, the AGA failed to provide counter-affidavit and viscera report of the deceased in time. The Bench of Justice Rahul Chaturvedi sternly remarked, “The Court is not getting sufficient cooperation from the side of the State. This is a pathetic state and the Court records its strongest exception of such type of attitude from the State.” Further, the Court noted that in almost every case, despite being granted sufficient time, the AGA cut sorry figure either by not filing the counter affidavit or viscera report within time. To this, the Court remarked, “The applicant who is in jail, cannot be left at the mercy of the State/or the prosecutor”, the Court further remarked. Lastly, left with no other option, the court went ahead to decide the bail application with the help of counsel for the applicant only. The matter before the Court and its order The applicant, Anmol Rastogi filed a Bail Application in case crime no.182 of 2020, under Sections 323, 328, 304-B, 498A and 506 IPC and Section 3/4 of the Dowry Prohibition Act, Police Station-Ganj, District-Rampur. The applicant had been languishing in jail since 26th May 2020. Within three years of marriage on account of additional dowry, the applicant’s wife died and it was alleged that she was administered some poisonous substance by which she lost her life. The applicant’s counsel drew Court’s attention to the doctor’s opinion which said that the deceased suffered from a serious infection in her body and thereafter she was referred to a higher center for better treatment. It was contended that the doctor did not give any candid reply to the fact that whether she was administered any poisonous substance or not? On the other hand, A.G.A opposed the prayer for bail but could not dispute the aforesaid facts and the legal submissions as argued by the learned counsel for the applicant. Lastly, taking into account the fact that the witnesses turned hostile, keeping in view the nature of the offence, evidence, complicity of the accused and submissions of counsel for the parties, the Court observed that the applicant had made out a case for bail. Thus, the applicant-Anmol Rastogi was released on bail on furnishing a personal bond and two sureties each in the like amount to the satisfaction of the Court. Case title – Anmol Rastogi v. State of U.P. [Criminal Misc. Bail Application No. – 35443 of 2020] Click Here To Download OrderRead OrderSubscribe to LiveLaw, enjoy Ad free version and other unlimited features, just INR 599 Click here to Subscribe. All payment options available.loading….Next Storylast_img

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