first_imgIt’s been an exciting time for Circles Around The Sun, the band that emerged after creating the setbreak music at Fare Thee Well. Though previously imagined as a one-off project, the musicians of Circles Around The Sun – Neal Casal, Adam MacDougall, Mark Levy and Dan Horne – quickly realized just how much potential there was for more Circles music.The band debuted at Lockn’ Festival earlier this year, and kicked off a three night run with a show at the Hamilton Theatre in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. They followed that up with a night at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York, bringing their Grateful Dead inspired, exploratory music to the beloved venue for a great night.Neal Casal Promises New Music And Future Tours Ahead For Circles Around The SunThanks to taper Matt Moricle, we can listen to the full audio from last night’s performance below.last_img

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first_imgIncreased partnership workingbetween employers and unions has helped reduce the number of strike actions inthe UK.The Office forNational Statistic research shows that the strike rate in the UK fell from 12days to 10 per 1,000 workers in 2000, promoting the UK to sixth in a ranking ofthe EU’s member states with the lowest frequency of industrial actionIndustrial action inthe EU as a whole was reduced by 42 per cent in the five-year period between1995 and 1999. The strike rate was reduced by 43 per cent in UK in the sameperiod. The TUC attributes itto partnership working. A spokesperson said, “Strikes are at an all-timelow in the UK and partnership is now the most common approach to industrialrelations. Most employers no longer see unions as adversaries, but as sensiblepartners to involve in the successful running of organisations. “But whenrelationships do break down in the workplace and employers behave badly, unionscan still use the threat of industrial action to protect the rights of theirmembers at work.”The UK’s rate ofstrike action is three times less than the average for member countries of theOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The UK has the tenthlowest strike rate in the OECD. Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Union partnerships cut UK strikesOn 24 Apr 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img

first_imgStress is the biggest single health and safety problem in the workplace,according to a TUC survey published last week. The poll of more than 500 union safety representatives revealed that stresswas the biggest health and safety concern in almost 60 per cent oforganisations, well ahead of back pain and repetitive strain injury. Owen Tudor, the TUC’s health and safety specialist, said the survey revealswhy employers should take stress seriously. He welcomed the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) proposals to introduceminimum stress management standards before the end of the year. He said: “Unions consider this as long overdue. This is not just ahealth and safety issue, it is a personnel issue. It is about how you organisework.” Tudor said the TUC would use the HSE’s powers to investigate stresscomplaints once the standards have been introduced, as a way of tackling employersthat persistently ignore the problem. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Stress tops list of staff health concernsOn 14 Jan 2003 in Personnel Todaylast_img

first_imgA Twitter map made by a team from Oxford University predicted the outcome of the US election. Dr Mark Graham and his team from the Oxford Internet Institute collected 30 million tweets referring to Obama and Romney between 1 October and 1 November. The map displayed a total of 132,771 tweets mentioning Obama and 120,637 referring to Romney.Graham commented, “I doubted that they would accurately predict that Obama would win in Texas, or that Romney would win in Massachusetts. But the overall outcome was accurate. They also reveal that many internet users in California, Texas, and much of the country prefer talking about Obama to talking about Romney.”He added, “The point of the work wasn’t to predict the election, but rather to understand the geography of online election-related information. It turned out that the number of references to Obama as opposed to Romney are surprisingly similar to their actual poll numbers.last_img

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