on many stores list after a string of incenses, presumably entrepreneurs have chosen for their own business brand. But this is just a start, join Chuanchuan Xiang also need to have a lot of business skills, proficient skills, can you truly had opened the shop also earned money.

The establishment of

a. cost standard: the standard of establishing cost is to decide the proportion of expenditure. If the cost of food for example, food refers to the cost of food raw materials or semi-finished products when the purchase price, but does not include processing labor and other costs. The cost of food depends on three factors: the price at the time of purchase; the weight of each dish; the price of the menu.

b. record the actual operating cost: join Chuanchuan Xiang stores often encounter some obstacles contrary to expectation in the operation, sometimes is artificial, natural disasters sometimes lead to waste, the cost of raw materials, these factors will directly reflect the operating costs. Therefore, the real record of the operation of the process, and compared with the estimated expenditure standards, can immediately find the lack of management, improve the control system.

c. control and assessment: in general, the actual cost is often higher or lower than the standard cost, but the management on when to take action to investigate or correct operating conditions is regarded both the size of the gap. When the gap between managers in setting standards, should first assess the amount of time and sequence, so as not to have the order reversed, and not up to the real purpose of control.

management franchise stores Chuanchuan Xiang is very exquisite science; only good management mode, can let join Chuanchuan Xiang stores a brighter future. I believe, for you to join the franchise above Chuanchuan Xiang operation knowledge, should be particularly useful? Only the perfect operation method, can make the franchise franchise more revenue Chuanchuan xiang. As long as you can use to join Chuanchuan Xiang stores management policy, you can easily start.

learning above operation knowledge, you have to really try it, planning, execution, in order to achieve the ultimate objective to improve turnover. To consider carefully, I wish you a speedy running your own string of fragrant stores.

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