– Wang Jianjun provincial Party School in the spring opening ceremony for the speech – tirelessly to explain a correct understanding of the relationship between organization of the masses of personal   the highest level – as Party members and cadres of love should be in love with the people   – hold spiritual homes overlooking worthy people feel no shame before God worthy of the heart – do have faith to inclusive can have friends who dare to play it
today send special Wang Jianjun speech excerpts for readers. (reporter   Xiao Fang)

currently, the province’s first mass line of educational practice has entered the finishing stage, the second batch is in full swing. To carry out educational practice, organization is the key, the masses are judges, cadres are the focus. The correct understanding of the relationship between the organization, the masses, the individual and the three is not only the proper meaning of the activities, but also the realistic problem that each participant can not avoid.

organization: good cadres can manage the cause of the party

organization refers to the people to achieve a certain goal, according to a certain purpose and system to establish a collective. The Communist Party of China is an organization, is also a collective. The organization and the collective is established in accordance with the principles of Marx’s party building, the party’s strength comes from the organization, the role of the collective from the organization, organization is the party’s glorious tradition and unique advantages.

adhere to the principles of organization

democratic centralism is the basic organization principle of our party, it is the most basic organization system and leadership system of the party and state. In real life, adhere to the principle of organization, requires the Party cadres at all levels put their position, I always tighten this string is the organization of the people, to do things to reflect the organizational intention, can not be arbitrary, from the heart to understand a truth, both for the organization, according to the principle of organization to issue do things the most convenient and safe, is also the most efficient.

comply with the organizational system

party consists of organization, system, Party members and other elements. Among them, the system is seen as "the organization to survive in their own way, without the influence of any member, and the demand for permanent existence." The leaders of our party have emphasized the importance of the system;

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