Push forward the construction of new campus project Ma Shunqing to Qinghai Normal University

in order to speed up the preparatory work for the construction of the new campus of Qinghai Normal University project, to ensure the smooth construction of the project, September 12th, vice governor Ma Shunqing to the new campus of Qinghai Normal University research, and held on-site office meeting, listen to the report on the progress of the construction of the new campus, and the relevant work arrangements.

Ma Shunqing fully affirmed by relevant departments actively, and promote the construction of new campus project achievements, and in the next step in the construction to be completed on schedule, the Sea Lake Road North Road land acquisition, and delivery of road construction, the relevant departments to carry out strict detailed audit on three land the construction cost of road. The new campus building 6 student apartment building has completed the preliminary design review, the relevant departments to effectively grasp the particularity and importance and social impact of the project, pre qualification of bidding enterprises, selection of construction enterprises aroused ability, technical strength and comprehensive construction ability of the implementation of the new campus construction project. read more

Xining city north of the barrier free facilities set up a team of duty supervision

recently, the CDPF Chengbei District of Xining city held for the disabled facilities construction duty supervisor training class, 44 obligations of supervisors to participate in the training, which marks the north area of the construction of barrier free facilities compulsory supervision team was formally established.

training for the barrier free facilities in the north area of the status, responsibilities and obligations of supervisors supervise the content and scope of training, and awarded and work card for duty supervisor. After the training, the duty supervisor will be focusing on the area of city roads and public places of entertainment, use and management of non barrier facilities and other public facilities to carry out supervision, found the problem will be timely feedback to the relevant departments, comments or suggestions, in order to promote the north area of institutionalized and standardized construction of the barrier free facilities. (author: Peng Na Yan Qingqing)
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The world’s documentary elite gathered in Qinghai

Documentary films from around the world elite gathered in Golmud, in Qinghai this multi-ethnic multicultural area, is committed to the research and discussion of mountain documentary, called the cultural roots of ethnic cultural identity, mountain historical significance and realistic value, praise the Chinese long history and splendid culture, and constantly enhance national cohesion and centripetal culture force, continuity and heritage of the Chinese nation great perseverance, unremitting self-improvement and creative spirit. In August 10th, by the Information Office of the State Council, the State Administration of press and publication, China TV Artists Association, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee hosted the 2014 Chinese (Qinghai) world mountain Documentary Festival grand opening ceremony of the conference center in Golmud city.The propaganda department minister read more

The importance of automotive beauty business is not important

do car beauty? There is no doubt that China is now almost every family will be equipped with a car, the car has become a necessity for people to transport goods, automotive beauty industry is also due to transport. But it is not to say that as long as you drive a car beauty center will be able to make money, in order to be successful entrepreneurs need to work hard.

why do you need a car beauty shop?

first, the business can be more attractive to the car beauty shop customers. In the course of business, the most needed is their own car beauty shop publicity. In the course of business operators will have many "sell themselves" concept, that their car beauty shop does not need to advertise, as long as the technology is good, the guests will come naturally. But, even if your car beauty stores have superb technology, the customer can not come, you are useless. Good management and publicity so as to attract more customers for your car beauty shop, store development is the logical thing. read more

The first annual meeting of China’s media integration and Development held in Qingdao and other 11 c

In September 11th, with the "new media new integration and new breakthrough" as the theme of the first China media integration and development of the second session of China’s new media development conference held in Qingdao. A total of more than and 160 mainstream media executives and newspaper experts to explore the development of media convergence. Xining and other 11 cities, live China to take the Silk Road, the country’s first large-scale media relay live broadcast activities started on the same day. read more

Xining Local Taxation Bureau to set up a joint collection of vehicle and vessel tax checkpoint Secur

Qinghai News Network on April 1st, the reporter in Xining City, a joint collection of vehicle and vessel tax points to see, many motor vehicle owners here to pay the vehicle tax. On the same day, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau car tax collection point settled in Xining city vehicle safety testing center and formally began to collect vehicle tax.

the past two years, the travel tax levy and a charge of Regional Compulsory Insurance Department levied, due to the special nature of the collection of objects and time, many districts of levy work ineffective, law enforcement is not enough, affected the normal travel tax levy. To change this situation, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau commissioned East vehicle inspection center set up a joint collection of fixed points, to ensure the effective travel tax levy, Xining city vehicle test center of Xining city is the only travel tax collection tax deduction obligor. At the same time, Xining District, county, the local tax authorities no longer accept the taxpayer to pay the tax declaration, the insurance business outlets no longer perform duties on behalf of the collection of tax. read more

Reminder WeChat mention now charges

Chat, transfer, payment, grab red envelopes, marketing…… Today, WeChat has gradually become an indispensable life assistant, but, from March 1st onwards, WeChat will now enter the era of charges. So WeChat charges will be in the end what kind of impact on the city people? This, many people expressed their views of the city.

change does not mention is not what effect

to mobile phone banking and other means

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