first_img Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie DollsToy Tuesday: Yo! It’s The Best ‘G.I. Joe’ Toys Stay on target Has there ever been a video game franchise as toyetic as Nintendo’s Pokemon series? Hundreds of adorable (well, mostly) battling monsters, each one with its own personality. Sure, you’ve got the big names like Pikachu and Charizard, but there are hundreds of other pocket monsters with dedicated fan bases. Naturally, there are tons of super awesome toys for all ages, from super-detailed action figures to adorable plushes. Here’s our rundown of the best Pokemon toys you can get.Brock, Geodude & Vulpix PVC FiguresGeodude is real, and strong, and he’s my friend. Japanese toymaker Megahouse has produced a whole line of cool PVC figurines of the Pokemon anime’s main cast, both humans and monsters. For the money, our favorite is the one with perennial sidekick and wanna-be ladies man Brock and his rocky companion. Throw in a charming little foxlike Vulpix and you have a trio of characters that will look awesome on your toy shelf. Note that these are mostly non-poseable, but you can turn Vulpix’s head.AdChoices广告Get them at Amazon.com144 Pokemon FiguresYou know, we’re not sure that this cavalcade of small plastic Pocket Monsters is a legit licensed product, but sometimes you have to bend the rules a little bit. And if you really want to fill up your Pokedex and raise an army of creatures at a decent price, this is the best deal on the market. Each figure measures 3/4 of an inch or a little higher, so they’re basically like the kind you’d get from a decent vending machine. Sorry if you have a particular favorite Pokemon — the assortment is random, and the quality isn’t museum-level. But it’s nearly 150 Pokemon for a little over twenty bucks. C’mon.Get it at Amazon.comFunko Pop PikachuThe little yellow electric mouse somehow managed to become one of the most iconic cartoon characters of the modern era, and there’s loads of Pikachu merch out there. Everett, Washington-based Funko Pop of course got on the bandwagon with a Target-exclusive version of the little bugger, and it’s a charming and cute sculpt with a pair of pointy ears that stick way up. This one is getting harder and harder to find so if you’re building a Pop collection you might want to act fast.Get it at Amazon.comS.H. Figuarts Ash Ketchum Action FigureThe protagonist of the Pokemon anime, cheerful young Ash Ketchum is motivated to be the very best, like no one ever was. With his trusty Pikachu by his side, he challenges gym leaders and contends with Team Rocket in episode after episode (plus the movies). Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts line is famous for clever articulation and accurate design, and this five inch Ash is no different. The figure is extremely poseable, and comes with two heads (one with cap, one without), a mount so Pikachu can ride on his shoulder, a Pokeball and more.Get it at Amazon.comXerneas Vinyl FigureOne of the Legendaries introduced in Pokemon X, Xerneas is a stag-like creature with a massive crest of antlers in glowing rainbow colors when it’s getting ready to use its unique power to bequeath eternal life. It’s one of the cooler designs of that game, so this poseable vinul figure is a must for any hardcore collector. Standing seven inches tall, it’s constructed very sturdily for display purposes, able to stand on its own and move all four limbs and the neck.Get it at Amazon.comPlush Sleepy CuboneOne of my personal favorite Generation 1 Pokemon is Cubone, the skull-helmeted lizard that hangs out in the seven-story tower in Lavender Town used as a burial ground for deceased monsters. Clutching a legbone in its hand, Cubone mourns its dead mother Marowak by wearing her skull over its face. Weird flex, but OK. This cute and cuddly plush Pokemon measures six and a half inches long and is settling in for a depression-fueled nap. Very relatable.Get it at Amazon.comPikachu Coin BankThe specter of capitalism does loom over the Pokemon world, and if you want to have enough Master Balls to catch those shinies you’ll need to save up. Thankfully, your little electric mouse friend is here to help you. Put a coin on the yellow space and push it down gently and Pikachu will pop open the lid, reach out with a yellow paw and snatch your change to add to your hoard. While it’s doing that, the little guy also emits one of a staggering 200 different phrases and sounds. Not bad for an animal with a one-word vocabulary.Get it at ThinkGeekS.H. Figuarts Team Rocket Action FiguresPrepare for trouble — and make it double. The recurring antagonists of the Pokemon anime, Jessie and James are a duo of exploitative trainers who seek to use the trusting little monsters’ abilities to seek fortune and fame. Accompanied by their Meowth, a rare Pokemon who can speak in English as opposed to just repeating his own name, they launch all manner of schemes and scams before being eventually defeated. These exceptional action figures from Bandai are super poseable and come with a pair of alternate expressions each as well as spare hands so James can hold his trademark rose.Get them at Amazon.comMega Construx GyaradosPokemon is one of the few licenses that Lego hasn’t snapped up the rights to, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t brick-based construction kits for your favorite monsters. Mattel’s Mega Construx line got them, and they’ve made a number of pretty sweet sets. The mighty serpent Gyarados was one of the first game’s most cleverly hidden secrets, requiring players to raise a pathetic, defenseless Magikarp to level 20 before evolving it. This super-cool set lets you build your own instead, using 488 pieces that are compatible with LEGO if you want to put together your own inter-universe crossover.Get it at Amazon.comPokemon Red Trainer Action FigureYou can forget about astrology or the Meyers-Briggs personality types — the only real way to know a person’s soul is to find out which of the original three Pokemon starters they chose. Luckily for you, this super nice figure from Good Smile comes with Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. The protagonist of the original game is on his journey across the Kanto region to catalog all of the native creatures in his Pokedex. With smooth but flexible joints, a removable backpack and Pokeball, this little guy is ready to catch some creatures.Get it at Amazon.comMimikyu PlushEvery once in a while the geniuses at Game Freak (the developers of the Pokemon games) come up with a monster design that is so perfect for the age we live in that it instantaneously becomes a meme. Case in point: Mimikyu, who debuted in 2016’s Sun and Moon games, is the “imposter syndrome” Pokemon. A Ghost/Fairy type, Mimikyu is insecure and disguises itself with a clumsy Pikachu disguise because it thinks that will help it make friends. We can completely relate and snapped up this eight inch stuffed replica right away.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Most Powerful Dragon Ball Toys11 Best Movie-Based Lego Sets11 Goopiest Slime Toyslast_img read more