NBA playoffs 2019: Kevin Durant trying not to get into back and forth with Patrick Beverley

first_img“If I put the basketball on the floor, I can probably make 43 percent of my shots if I’m shooting like that, but that’s not really going to do nothing for us with the outcome of the game because we’ve got a nice flow, everybody touching the rock, everybody shooting and scoring, so I’m not going to get in the way of the game because I want to have a little back and forth with Patrick Beverley, I’m Kevin Durant, you know who I am.”Kevin Durant goes extremely in depth on the Clippers style of defense, the overhelp, why he won’t get caught up in a 1-on-1 battle with Patrick Beverley— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) April 17, 2019Durant has been caught up somewhat with Beverley as both players were ejected in Game 1 after multiple technical fouls. The Warriors forward then fouled out of Game 2 after he tallied several offensive fouls, including one against the Clippers guard.But Golden State has averaged 126 points over the first two games of the series, and had Durant not fouled out in Game 2, the Clippers may have never come back at all. NBA playoffs 2019: Warriors’ Steve Kerr says Kevin Durant ‘absolutely needs to be more aggressive’ Kevin Durant doesn’t want to get caught up in beating Patrick Beverley.He wants to make sure he helps the Warriors keep their offensive flow despite the constant double-teams and help situations he keeps facing on the offensive end. “They playing a gimmick defense which has been working,” Durant told reporters Wednesday, via The Athletic. “Top blocking everything on the perimeter, so guys aren’t even looking at the 3-point line, they’re just forcing guys inside the 3-point line, so for us, when I get the ball in my spot I got a pest, Patrick Beverley, who was up underneath me.”I could definitely shoot over the top and score every time if it’s a one-on-one situation, but we’ve got a guy who’s dropping and helping and we’ve got another guy that’s just sitting on me waiting for me to dribble the basketball. Related News And going into Game 3, that is more of Durant’s focus than anything: staying on the court as long as he can without racking up offensive fouls because he’s mixing it up with Beverley.”When a guy is that small you’ve got an advantage, but the refs see…you know, we hear David and Goliath growing up, so that story is pretty prominent in people’s minds, so when you put that out there on the court and it’s me then the refs are going to give him a little bit more,” Durant said. “So when he run up on me like a pitbull, grab me, hold me, I don’t mind it, that’s how he make his money, that’s how he feed his family, but if I throw something back then let us play, get what I’m saying? So I got four or five offensive fouls like that, I’m just trying to figure out each possession how I can be more effective without getting offensive fouls.”last_img read more

2014 Sumner County Fair livestock results:

first_imgDrew DeWittSOUTH HAVEN FFASecond Blue 11 Charolais Senior or heifer calvesTrey StrnadTRAIL BLAZERSFirst Blue 0 Boer Doe, yearlingPeyton WithamBUCCANEERSSecond Blue Sydney HallmanHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Red 0 Duroc Purebred Breeding GiltAlivia BaconHAPPY HUSTLERSBlue 4 Market LambPayton GinterREDWINGGrand Champion Alyson SkaggsWHEATWHACKERSSecond Blue Peyton WithamBUCCANEERSSecond Blue Colby BartonBUCCANEERSFirst White Dylan DeWittHAPPY HUSTLERSFifth Blue      0 AOB Doe, over 24 mo of ageVictoria SwettREDWINGFirst Blue Christian FriedmanSOUTH HAVEN FFAThird Blue Ivy BerlineTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Blue 5 Hereford Senior or heifer calvesRylee BakerTRAIL BLAZERSFirst Blue Colby LeeTRAIL BLAZERSThird Blue 3 Market LambMikayla HawkinsSOUTH HAVEN FFAFirst Blue Riley MatlockHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Red Samantha StrnadTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Blue Jadon BrownTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Blue strClassDescNamestrClubIDstrPlacing Kamden BasingerREDWINGReserve Grand Champion Colby TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue Shianna HughesREDWINGFirst Red Alivia BaconHAPPY HUSTLERSFifth Blue 0 Toggenburg Doe, agedBethanie SwettREDWINGThird Blue Tanner CreedSOUTH HAVEN FFANinth Blue Victoria SwettREDWINGSecond Blue Lucy BoylesCARDINALSFifth Blue Jessica ReyesWELLINGTON FFAThird Red Samantha StrnadTRAIL BLAZERSFourth Blue ClassNameClubPlacing Cassidy ChaseWHEATWHACKERSSecond White 1 Boer Doe, Spring current yearSamantha TatonBUCCANEERSGrand Champion Kayden WolfSOUTH HAVEN FFASecond Red Titus LeeTRAIL BLAZERSFirst Red Macey PondHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Red Zachary BaconSOUTH HAVEN FFAFirst Red Shianna HughesREDWINGFirst Red ShowClassClassNameClubPlacing Breeding Beef ClassNameClubPlacing 6Market Meat GoatsSamantha TatonBUCCANEERSFirst Blue Trace RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue 2 Boer Doe, fallSummer RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSReserve Grand Champion      Megan BlubaughHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Red Shane HughesWELLINGTON FFASecond Red Shianna HughesREDWINGThird Red Sumner Newscow report — The following is the livestock placings at the 2014 Sumner County Fair in Caldwell held last week. Peyton WithamBUCCANEERSSecond Blue Megan BlubaughHAPPY HUSTLERSFourth Red Titus LeeTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Blue Jacee TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSFifth Blue      Colby TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Red ClassDescNameClubPlacing Trace RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Red Summer RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue Aubrey PondHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Red Tatum LeeTRAIL BLAZERSThird Blue Meat Goat Show – Sumner County Fair August 2, 2014 Samantha StrnadTRAIL BLAZERSEighth Blue Jackson KopferWHEATWHACKERSSecond Blue Trace RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSFourth Blue Lane HallmanSOUTH HAVEN FFASecond Red 2 AOB Spring Ewe Lamb born after 1/1 current yearBrandon SwettREDWINGFirst Blue Paige TurekSOUTH HAVEN FFASecond Blue Cabrie DvorakHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue Drew DeWittSOUTH HAVEN FFASecond Blue Dagan ToneySOUTH HAVEN FFASixth Blue Slate VanZantHAPPY HUSTLERSThird Blue Summer RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSReserve Grand Champion Tatum WithamBUCCANEERSFirst Red 0 Boer Doe, yearlingSamantha TatonBUCCANEERSFirst Blue 0 Commercial Crossbred Breeding GiltTate McCaslinHAPPY HUSTLERSBlue ClassNameClubPlacing 0 Commercial Crossbred Breeding GiltHannah WilsonHAPPY HUSTLERSRed Market HogDylan DeWittHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue Market HogGrace TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue Colby LeeTRAIL BLAZERSThird Blue Ethan TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSThird Blue Market HogHunter DennerTRAIL BLAZERSFirst Blue Sydney HallmanHAPPY HUSTLERSThird Red      ClassNameClubPlacing Breeding Sheep Show – Sumner County Fair August 2, 2014 7Market Meat GoatsSamantha TatonBUCCANEERSGrand Champion Tyanna HughesREDWINGFourth Blue 6 Simmental Summer Yearling heifer calvesGrace TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSSupreme Female 1 Market LambMacey PondHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue Tatum WithamBUCCANEERSFirst Red Kaleb HuntREDWINGSecond Blue Cooper WilsonHAPPY HUSTLERSSeventh Blue Sydney BaconHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Red Market Steers Class 3Trace RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSGrand Champion Hannah WilsonHAPPY HUSTLERSThird Blue Tyanna HughesREDWINGSecond Red Tate McCaslinHAPPY HUSTLERSFourth Blue Will BarnesTRAIL BLAZERSThird Red 0 Crossbred Doe, agedMary SwettREDWINGFirst Blue Lucy BoylesCARDINALSSecond Blue Cole TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue Rylee BakerTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Red Market HogCade DvorakHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue ClassNameClubPlacing Kayden WolfSOUTH HAVEN FFAThird Blue Market HogSydney HallmanHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Bluecenter_img 2 Market LambSummer RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue Lily KopferWHEATWHACKERSFifth Blue Kamden BasingerREDWINGFirst Red Megan BlubaughHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Red Market Swine Show – Sumner County Fair August 2, 2014   Samantha StrnadTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Blue Ivy BerlineTRAIL BLAZERSFirst White Drew DeWittSOUTH HAVEN FFASecond Blue Sydney BaconHAPPY HUSTLERSFourth Blue Market HogCole TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSReserve Grand Champion Lance BlubaughHAPPY HUSTLERSFourth Blue Market Steers Class 1Shianna HughesREDWINGSecond Blue Rustin BlaylockHAPPY HUSTLERSTenth Blue Market Steers Class 2Trace RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSReserve Grand Champion Kaleb HuntREDWINGThird Blue Trey StrnadTRAIL BLAZERSThird Blue 5Market Meat GoatsAlyson SkaggsWHEATWHACKERSReserve Grand Champion Tate McCaslinHAPPY HUSTLERSFifth Blue Rylee BakerTRAIL BLAZERSFirst Red Follow us on Twitter. Market HogEthan TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue Breeding Goats – Sumner County Fair August 2, 2014   Mikayla HawkinsSOUTH HAVEN FFAFirst Red Jon CinkSOUTH HAVEN FFAFourth Blue Cooper BoylesCARDINALSFifth Red Taylor AltendorfWELLINGTON FFASecond Red Gage DennerTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Red Grace TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSThird Blue Andrew PeckWELLINGTON FFAThird Blue 9 AOB Senior or heifer calvesDrew DeWittSOUTH HAVEN FFAReserve Supreme Female Ivy BerlineTRAIL BLAZERSFirst Red Hunter BroylesSouth Haven FFASecond Red ClassNameClubPlacing Summer RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSThird Red 7 Crossbreed & Other Senior or heifer calvesSummer RuskHAPPY HUSTLERS4-H Reserve Supreme Femal 2 Angus Junior and spring yearling heifer calvesKaleb HuntREDWINGSenior Reserve Champion Slate VanZantHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Red Cassidy ChaseWHEATWHACKERSSecond Blue Tatum LeeTRAIL BLAZERSFirst Red Market Steer Show – Sumner County Fair August 1, 2014 Tyanna HughesREDWINGFifth Red Aubrey PondHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue Cole TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue Breeding Beef Show – August 1, 2014 Sumner County Fair Lane HallmanSOUTH HAVEN FFASecond Blue Ivy BerlineTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Red Jacee TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSSixth Blue Jace BakerTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Red Alivia BaconHAPPY HUSTLERSEighth Blue Tatum WithamBUCCANEERSFourth Red Cabrie DvorakHAPPY HUSTLERSSixth Blue 1 Commercial Spring Ewe Lamb born after 1/1 current yearKamden BasingerREDWINGGrand Champion ShowClassstrClassDescNamestrClubIDstrPlacing Shane HughesWELLINGTON FFAThird Blue Drew DeWittSOUTH HAVEN FFAThird Blue Alex NicholsonSOUTH HAVEN FFAEleventh Blue Lily KopferWHEATWHACKERSNinth Blue Market Lamb Show – Sumner County Fair August 2, 2014 Tatum LeeTRAIL BLAZERSSeventh Blue 3Market Meat GoatsKate HainesHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue Dylan DeWittHAPPY HUSTLERSThird Blue Jackson KopferWHEATWHACKERSTenth Blue Jace BakerTRAIL BLAZERSThird Red 0 Commercial Crossbred Breeding GiltCooper WilsonHAPPY HUSTLERSGrand Champion Colby TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue Trey StrnadTRAIL BLAZERSThird Red Jon CinkSOUTH HAVEN FFAFifth Blue Jessica ReyesWELLINGTON FFAThird Red Brandon SwettREDWINGSecond Blue 4Market Meat GoatsShane HughesWELLINGTON FFAFirst Blue Kamden BasingerREDWINGSecond Red 0 Commercial Crossbred Breeding GiltCade DvorakHAPPY HUSTLERSRed Breeding Swine – Sumner County Fair August 2, 2014 Zachary BaconSOUTH HAVEN FFAFourth Blue 1 Angus Spring calf current yearKaleb HuntREDWINGFirst Blue 2Market Meat GoatsLucy BoylesCARDINALSFirst Blue Gage DennerTRAIL BLAZERSThird Blue Lucy BoylesCARDINALSSecond Blue Colby LeeTRAIL BLAZERSSixth Blue Peyton WithamBUCCANEERSFirst Red strClassDescNamestrClubIDstrPlacing Hunter BroylesSouth Haven FFAThird Red Hannah WilsonHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue Payton GinterREDWINGFirst Red Will BarnesTRAIL BLAZERSSecond Red Dagan ToneySOUTH HAVEN FFAEighth Blue Garrett BaconSOUTH HAVEN FFASixth Blue Market Steers Class 4Summer RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue Market HogJames McConnellSOUTH HAVEN FFAGrand Champion Lance BlubaughHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Red Cooper WilsonHAPPY HUSTLERSFourth Blue Market HogEthan TheurerHAPPY HUSTLERS4H Reserve Grand Champion 0 Boer Doe, yearlingTatum WithamBUCCANEERSFirst Red James McConnellSOUTH HAVEN FFAThird Blue Titus LeeTRAIL BLAZERSSeventh Blue 1Market Meat GoatsMegan BlubaughHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue 0 Crossbred Doe, over 24 mo of ageBethanie SwettREDWINGSecond Blue Lane HallmanSOUTH HAVEN FFAFirst Red 4 Boer Doe, agedAlyson SkaggsWHEATWHACKERSFirst Blue Cade DvorakHAPPY HUSTLERSSecond Blue 0 Hampshire Purebred Breeding GiltColby LeeTRAIL BLAZERSReserve Grand Champion Cassidy ChaseWHEATWHACKERSFirst Red Tanner CreedSOUTH HAVEN FFAThird Blue 10 AOB Senior or heifer calvesSummer RuskHAPPY HUSTLERSFirst Blue Close Forgot password? 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