first_imgThe date of the manifestation of the Legend of Plitvice Valleys is approaching, and the program is becoming more and more interesting!If you have not yet started planning the next extended weekend in June, then this is definitely an article for you because time passes the hill and we have a very good suggestion in the direction of Plitvice Lakes.Have you heard about the manifestation of the Legend of Plitvice Valleys? Did you know that the area of ​​the Municipality of Rakovica is rich in interesting legends and important historical events? Apart from Eugen Kvaternik, there are a few other interesting things that are little talked about.Let’s go in order then! On June 23, near the Old Town of Drežnik, the historical fortifications above the Korana River will bring history to life in the full sense of the word!A very interesting and colorful company will gather in a beautiful historical location. Eugen Kvaternik, leader of the Rakovica Rebellion; serious Serezani, the historical elite police of the Plitvice Valleys in their impressive uniforms; the Japod tribe, masters in making beautiful jewelry that visitors will be able to see, and even the Korana River, a beauty that will come to life one day and tell why it was so important for the people of this area.After a rich pre-program that starts at 12 noon, the main program starts at 16 pm with a sports promotional tourist tour Legends of Plitvice Valleys. Plitvice valleys are known for as many as eight biking trails, and for this race a tour was chosen to Barać’s caves in Nova Kršlja and back to the main venue.Gastro duel with the guest appearance of Steve KarapandžaAlso coming to the event is a very interesting guest that we all know – another legend, the well-known and recognized chef Stevo Karapandža as a member of the jury in a gastronomic duel. Over the past few decades, he has enriched the media space, refreshed many gastro cookbooks, and now, as another legend, he is coming to the Old Town of Drežnik.Two teams, KUD Izvor Rakovica and Folklore Society Otočac, which have very good chefs in their ranks, will “clash” in the preparation of indigenous dishes, and a jury of three excellent chefs will decide the winner. During the breaks from cooking, the folklore societies will of course show their skills in song and dance, and they say that they will fight for victory with all their might.Program for all generations and beautiful horses!There will also be themed workshops for children, games such as running in a sack and throwing stones from a medieval slingshot, archaeological research, a presentation of local products and handicrafts and much more.The manifestation of the Legend of Plitvice Valleys will be visited again this year by horses from nearby equestrian clubs that will be available to visitors, and guests can expect special gifts.Surprise for the endAlso, the organizers invite all guests to stay at the event until dark, because they are preparing a special surprise! We don’t know what it’s about, but we’re interested, so I’ll definitely see you on June 23 in Rakovica near the tower!The official hashtag of the event is # Legende2018, and you can follow everything on social networks and the Facebook event: Legends of Plitvice Valleys 2018  And the website also the entire program with a schedule.last_img read more