first_img Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Reddit Flipboard When you only ever see science fiction spaceships floating through the cold vacuum of space, you kind of lose the sense of scale. The trend in recent years seems to be making these craft bigger and meaner with each incarnation.Are you interested in just how big we’re talking? Well, DeviantArt user Dirk Loechel has assembled a very useful chart showing the relative sizes of almost every spacecraft in major science fiction universes through 2013. It’s massive and incredibly cool.The JPEG is 3985 x 4158 pixels, so you’re only going to see a little bit of it at a time as you pan around to check out all the ships (each pixel amounts to 10 meters). Each ship on the chart is labeled with the name, sci-fi franchise it appears in, and total length indicated by available sources.You’ll come across old favorites like the Enterprise D and the Battlestar Galactica, but also craft you probably don’t give as much thought to like Warhammer 40k Cruisers and gigantic Halo Battleships.It’s striking just how huge some of these ships are. You might think of the Enterprise as a pretty big starship, but it’s got nothing on the Imperial Star Destroyer (642m vs. 1600m). In fact, almost all the Star Trek ships are tiny compared to those in other universes. The chart goes way in-depth too, detailing spacecraft from popular franchises like Star Wars that you’d only know about if you were deeply into the expanded literature (like the 17,500m Eclipse-Class Star Destroyer).The chart also illustrates the insane number of ships in the Warhammer and Eve universes — fully half the chart is dominated by these two. Eve also has some of the biggest ships around with several “Titans” at nearly 20,000m. However, the boring alien mothership from Independence Day is still the biggest one listed, but not by much.Check out the full image below. That should pretty much take care of the rest of your weekend. artsci-fispaceStar TrekStar Warslast_img read more