first_img“The franchise expansion auction of the IPL was both its”The franchise expansion auction of the IPL was both its biggest success and, soon after, its biggest failure. I have already detailed the Kochi franchises story and its eventual collapse. The Kochi franchise was a primary example of conflict of interest, and an extremely warped set of events. There was a lot more to it than just the sweat-equity component,” the author writes.He says the challenges to the IPL are self-imposed and all of that can be revised, and none of it actually takes away from the future success of the event.”There are many things the IPL did correctly, right from the start. It had and in many respects still has the blueprint for creating an extremely successful sports event in India. They say imitation is the best possible flattery, and the IPL has been mimicked in India in every shape, size, form and sport. There is virtually no sport in India today that hasnt had a league model that imitates the IPL almost to the core,” the book says.The recipe for the IPLs success, according to Sekhri, was intuitive and intrinsic.”It was destined to do well and the recipe was ingenious at the time. In a sellers market, the IPL was the perfect product to pitch and captivate. Perhaps it did everything in too much of a hurry and with not enough diligence, and then the trouble began. The trouble though is only as much as the BCCI lets it be.”advertisementHe feels the coming year or two will be extremely difficult for the IPL.”On-field, it has to maintain consistency despite the off-field turbulence it is facing due to the conflict between the sponsorship requirements of eight teams, and the inability to rustle up eight able teams for the two upcoming seasons.”The board will need to focus on its flagship property while at the same time work tirelessly to alter the publics perception, pre-empt the court and the Justice Lodha Committee, and modernize the way cricket is administered in todays day and age. For the IPL, the board must ensure that it remains scandal free and retains control over the various elements that threaten to disrupt it,” he writes.”The next few years will tell us if the first-in-time IPL turns it around and builds upon a golden opportunity. The IPL has never believed in half measures – now would not be a good time to reverse that trend,” he argues. PTI ZMN ANSlast_img read more