first_imgFormer FIFA presidential candidate Jerome Champagne has told talkSPORT it is wrong to hold Sepp Blatter responsible for the corruption scandal engulfing world football’s governing body.Blatter is under severe pressure to abandon his bid to be re-elected for a fifth term in office after seven FIFA officials were arrested in Zurich on Wednesday following a FBI investigation.UEFA chief Michel Platini is among those calling for the 79-year-old to quit over the “rampant, systemic and deep-rooted” corruption alleged by the US Department of Justice.But Champagne, ex-deputy general secretary at FIFA, insists it is unfair to point the finger of blame at Blatter considering it is the confederations, of which UEFA is one, which hold the most control.Speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, the Frenchman said: “What is very important is to understand that the confederations are not members of FIFA and when people believe that FIFA is responsible for what the confederations are doing they ignore the fact that the confederations, UEFA for Europe and the two incriminated confederations, are totally without any authority.“There is an urge to blame FIFA for what their confederations have done and I know there is permanent bashing in your country about what Mr Blatter has done, but there is a need for the people one your islands to really look into how FIFA functions.“Who is controlling the fight is the executive committee elected by the confederations and look at what is going on with the Swiss federal police investigation. They are focusing on European members elected by UEFA accused of and suspected of embezzlement because of the vote of 2018 and 2022.“UEFA historically have tried to get independence from FIFA. There is a problem of a form of arrogance that because the best players in the world play in western Europe, there is a divine right for western Europe to govern the world. “I am not happy with the way it is governed and I tell you why. I am not happy that non-members of FIFA, the confederations, control the governance.“In a democracy like yours, the British people elect someone in 10 Downing Street and that person has the right to pick the members of his or her cabinet and implement the programme he or she has been elected for. That is democracy. In FIFA, that is not the case.“The FIFA president is elected by the world parliament of football but, when he arrives at FIFA headquarters, the government is already selected by the non-members of FIFA, the confederations, and that is elected on a different political agenda.“If you look at the brilliant investigation by the US Department of Justice, they are pinpointing the fact that the confederations of North America and South America are functioning wrongly. It is not a FIFA crime, it is a confederations crime.“Look at the controversies regarding the vote for Qatar. It is not about FIFA, it is about the behaviour of the executive committee and who controls the executive committee, the continental confederations, out of which UEFA has a third of the votes. Now they pretend they have no responsibility.“I am for change, I am for better governance. But the responsibility is inside the executive committee controlled by the confederations.”last_img read more