first_imgBy UPF Philippines, Julius MalicdemIn order to advance the providence for national restoration, the strengthening of VIP foundation is of paramount importance. Raising “John the Baptist” figures and making them become owners of True Parents vision definitely will hasten the realization of national restoration. In line with this, the Asian Leadership Conference which for many years has provided a great venue in order to educate thousands of VIPs from different countries in the Asian Region and thereby bring a lot of support for the providence.Last February 14-16, 2017, the first ALC (Asian Leadership Conference) was held right after the victorious celebration of True Parents Birthday and Foundation Day Anniversary. This was conducted in the historic Manila Hotel and was attended by a total of 101 delegates, several key VIPs all over the Philippines, including a total of 19 city and municipal mayors, 1 provincial board members, 28 municipal councilors and several leaders from the academe, NGOs and other government institutions.UPF and WFWP co-organized the conference with the theme, “Providing Vision and Leadership for Nation–building and Peace”. ALC aims to educate key VIPs with the Divine Principle and to multiply owners of the vision of True Parents. Dr. Chung Sik Yong, the Special Emissary and Regional President of Asian continent provided a clear direction for the conference as he delivered the Keynote Address during the Opening program. He emphasized that the conference is not just an ordinary educational seminar. He encouraged them to discover answers to life’s most fundamental problems and work together to help bring about lasting peace and harmony and should start in the family. During the Opening Program, a comprehensive presentation on the vision, mission and activities of UPF and WFWP were presented by Rev. Julius Malicdem, Chairman of UPF and National Leader of the Philippines and Ms. Merly Barlaan, President of WFWP Philippines. Dr. Robert Kittel, Asia Special Emissary for Education and UPF Asia Education Director, together with Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Secretary General of UPF Asia, were the main lecturers of the conference. Rev. Edgar Tanate, National Leader of Sri Lanka also gave a lecture presentation. Dr. Kittel, Mrs. McLackland and Dr. Tanate gave presentations on, “The Need for Universal Principles”, “Dual Purpose Principle”, “The Importance of Model Family”, “Give and Take Action and Purpose of Life”, “Human Responsibility and Life Beyond”, “Root of Human Conflict” and others. Dr. Yong also gave a very moving lecture on the “Attributes of True Love” wherein several participants were moved to tears. Mr. Richell Jalipa, Youth Education Director and Dr. Jaime Vergara, Vice National Leader of the Philippines were the emcees for the conference. Presentation on various topics from the Divine Principle made the participants inspired and truly engaged. Most of their reactions were in total support of the vision and teachings of the True Parents.The 3-day conference ended with the lecture presentation on “Restoration and the Value of the Blessing” and with the holding of the Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony officiated by Abp. and Mrs. Elias Soria. The participants especially those who attended with their spouse were so happy to be able to participate in the Blessing ceremony. Dr. Yong who gave the Congratulatory Message during the Blessing program once again challenged the participants to exert greater effort to live for the sake of others and maintain a life of absolute sex.Some representative delegates were selected to give their impression about the conference. One of them, a Mayor in Bohol province testified that the teachings she learned are very important especially for them as public servants from the government so that they could lead their constituents to become better and more righteous. Another delegate expressed her gratitude to Father and Mother Moon for founding the organizations that put together the conference and expressed her full support for the activities and programs of UPF and WFWP. While another lady delegate highlighted the need to address the critical issues and problems of the society particularly with the declining morality among people and the important role of UPF and WFWP to educate many people. During the Closing, new Ambassadors for Peace were also appointed. The conference ended with the delegates showing full interest in working together with UPF and WFWP in the future programs and even made determination to bring down the programs of UPF like the Interfaith Blessing ceremony to their constituents.After the victorious celebration of the 4th Anniversary of Foundation Day, we feel that now more and more, the spirit world is directly helping us in advancing the providence. To realize national restoration, the full support of the government leaders and influential people to help accelerate the Providence is very significant. We believe that many more prepared “John the Baptists” VIPs are waiting and ready to receive Divine Principle education so that they can contribute more towards the realization of Vision 2020. As True Mother said, this new year, we need to fly. That’s why we will continue to build more momentum and really fly greater heights this year. All we need is to offer always our absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience as filial sons and daughters. Then victory is truly guaranteed! First Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) in the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk Held in Manila, Philippineslast_img read more