Analysis on some strategies of e commerce marketing from four aspects

The change in the

era, since the economic crisis, many companies realize that, absolutely can not rely on a single export to maintain its business needs, homegrown, channel construction, and homegrown do brand advertising, is indeed a big investment already, crisis, who take so much of this? Then the spring came to the electronic commerce. Today we talk about four aspects.

a good practice basic skills

people have a problem is to follow the trend, in addition to follow the trend there is a bigger problem is to blindly follow the trend, although the opening said represent the general trend of e-commerce, but also did not see some of the local enterprises to create a market share through e-commerce, tracing in the end is not good practice basic skills, here the only few columns not tired: read more

Liu Qiangdong electricity supplier investment fever Jingdong can not monopolize the market

hero. Time is a gorgeous stage, if there is no outstanding actor, this stage is not so glorious, and if there is no stage, the actor’s play is not so happy. Over the past ten years, the economic development is China gold for ten years, we now pay homage to the strong enterprise, for having heard it many times, it is in the past ten years fission and bloom. The times have indulged their ambitions, passions, and talents, and they have grasped the high hopes of this era. This is precisely what we launched the planning report, I and this era, the original intention. The times and enterprises, entrepreneurs are closely related, Freemasonry, their ability, showing a rise of the mighty is Chinese picture. read more

Fresh electricity supplier entrepreneurs must answer four questions

How big is the

fresh market? How much is the fresh electricity supplier market? Where is the difficulty of the fresh electricity supplier? Where is the traditional fresh pain point? After understanding the above questions, how should we do it?

this evening from her friend Mars invited MT and All to the East Jingdong O2O manager made a fresh and fresh O2O training share. It is a coincidence, because in the Tencent. The electricity supplier last year, did the two expansion of fresh category of business report, and Du Tootoo very well, and colleagues scanned the basic visit the six or seven largest domestic fresh electricity supplier, has been producing area, warehouse, went to the terminal, see some financial data. Since the beginning of the year, a lot of people talk about fresh electricity supplier, one million not a profitable. Fresh in the end is how to go wrong, a lot of people may not understand, even if it is not necessarily clear. Of course, if not the authority, these two reports are a year ago to do, many things change, only from their own perspective, views on fresh understanding read more

Alibaba announced the strongest in the history of fake trick HUAWE supports

in January 16th, the Alibaba’s initiative, the world’s first "big data fraud alliance was established in Hangzhou. About 20 founding members of Alibaba and the initial membership issued "common program of action", is committed to relying on big data and Internet technology, make counterfeiting more powerful and more efficient and more transparent.

Alibaba chief platform officer Zheng Junfang (nickname "governance Nun Killer") that thousands of years fake endless, and the emergence of globalization trend, and striking the way the traditional line is obviously difficult to eradicate fake source, "the line" fake playing without a break, hit more, only if we unite the power to have the hope of victory, so Alibaba willing to contribute all his ten years of experience, counterfeiting ability, technology and resources, "and the whole world fake fight together." read more

n 2004 the nternet domain name registration case 1179

The World Intellectual Property Organization issued a statement that the organization of arbitration and mediation center in 2004 to accept the Internet domain name hijacking case 1179, 6.6% more than in 2003. Communique pointed out that since the "Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) came into force in December 1999, the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and mediation center handled more than 7 thousand cases, involving 124 countries, 12 thousand and 500 names. read more

Electricity market is a Rainbow Night price war set off a knockout

now, the domestic e-commerce market is showing "Rainbow Night": one is the "fashion" ex gratia ", the whole network lowest" bargain signs of flooding the network, some commercial enterprises will claim to price war to next year; while the electronic commerce website "cool" music, "Amoy Japanese" have closed more than half a year more than a dozen B 2C (business to consumer) the closure of the site.

from the enclosure to capital operating losses, the price war is with vigour and vitality to the electricity supplier to bring what? Business enterprise and analysts have said that from the trend of development of the Internet industry segments, business platform will also experience the process from the "wild type" growth to constantly improve the industry concentration. The next five years, the electricity supplier platform leader not more than three. read more

Electronic Commerce the inevitable strategy of traditional brand

you want to do business and occupy you have heard of the millions, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars of market share on the Internet? Do you want to make your brand through e-commerce unlimited extension on the Internet until

, known to every family?

when the whole world is in the vigorous development of electronic commerce and the 21 world acclaim, when many Internet based strategy and the birth of the new brand of fast, do you find that we always adhere to the system, process, science, innovation, strategy, optimal management, technology, personnel, performance management and other management core idea seems to be slowly weakening, and the use of electronic commerce overnight brand story is a staged, in the network economy pot, each of us invariably affected, unable to escape. read more

11 of the 35 billion to accelerate the transformation of chain enterprises

eleven double the smoke has not yet dispersed, shrouded in the traditional chain of the head of the haze is getting more and more, double the impact on the entire industry environment is obvious eleven. It will be difficult to win the chance of survival in the future battles without changing the enterprise. So how to meet this change as a traditional chain


e-commerce brings hitherto unknown opportunities and challenges of chain enterprises, rely on the traditional form of circulation chain enterprises has been difficult to adapt to the modern society, the traditional forms of marketing, enterprises shall not enter the electronic commerce? This is an out and out of the false proposition, but also a need to consider the assumptions and propositions, e-commerce development for more than and 10 years, the traditional the enterprise is the basic health benefits, one is bad, of course, is the early application, but with the development of e-commerce, entered a new period of development, the traditional enterprise only stay in the application stage is already cannot adapt to the needs of the development of the new situation, stripping part enterprises own active sales if things go on like this will be more and more professional, active the operation and development of enterprises will be further restricted, we say that e-commerce brings challenges to the transition is not to say In the field of e-commerce, but to learn how to adapt to the trend of the chain enterprises to innovate their business strategy, then how to innovate? read more

On August the GG account is blocked the memory available to the novice as a guide

in August 5th, my GG account was actually closed, speechless! Inside the more than and 600 dollars so no!

recently in view of the record, we found that your AdSense account to our AdWords advertisers brought great risks. If your account continues to remain in our publisher network, may make our advertisers on economic losses, so we have decided to disable your account.

in order to protect the interests of our advertisers and other AdSense publishers, we must take this measure, please understand. We know that this may cause you a lot of inconvenience, thank you for your understanding and cooperation. read more